12BY6 Exclusive Interviews 

Known as the Kings of Humor in the Dominican Republic and the United States, having a trajectory of over two decades of making people laugh, Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes return to television to debut their second series Las Vacaciones de Los Reyes, a comedy derived from the success of La Casa de Veraneo. This new adventure will be filled with entertainment, fun and lots of laughter.

Actress MJ Rodriguez sits down with 12by6 for a documentary series. In this episode MJ discusses her career and roles such as "Angel" in Rent, "Ebony" in Saturday Church and "Blanca" in FX's hit show "Pose". The actress tackles numerous obstacles in her journey while finding her identity in the industry.
12BY6 Cover Story: Aria Garcia is the founder and creative director of Arega Fashion Line. The St. Croix native traveled to NYC with a fashion skill set passed down by her grandmother a determination to succeed. She sits down with 12by6 talk about her journey.
Residing in New York, this Brooklyn based designer has become the go to style guru for both party pop icons to fashion forward rockstars. Taking a retro edge of the past and launching them into a fashion future. This is Julie Mollo.