5 Signs You Hate Your Job

5 Signs You Hate Your Job


We all have to work to make a living. That is a fact of life. Rich or poor everyone works in some way, shape, or form. Some of us are fortunate enough to fall into our dream careers, but some of us are not so lucky. Here are 5 signs you work a job that you hate.  

5. Hard to get out of bed  


No matter how early you go to bed it doesn't change how you feel when you're waking up in morning. You may be wondering, why? I got my full 8 hours. Why do I still have to force myself out of bed? That's because you're body knows your mind does not want to go to work. You're subconscious is dreading the idea of having to get up and go this place of work where you don't want to be.  So it doesn't matter if you sleep for 3 hours or 8, you're still going to feel that drain because you're waking up to go somewhere you don't want to be.

4. You play the clock game  


You may remember the old Chris Rock routine where he speaks on his time working at Red Lobster. If you do then you already know what the clock game is. You look at the time and then you try to cram in a large amount of work without checking the time with the hope that time has magically skipped an hour or more while you've been so "busy." Unfortunately this is usually not the case, and in fact you've probably done more work in less time. I know. It is agonizing. The clock game is a clear indicator that you're somewhere you do not want to be, or you're really into time, space and relativity.

3. You're only happy when bashing the company  


If you're the happiest at work when you and some of your coworkers get together to talk crap about management and the company well that's not what we'd call positive behavior. If the only thing that puts a smile on your face at work, and makes you light up with excitement is when you're ragging on the boss and work policies, you should be putting in job applications daily, and have your Linkedn account sparkling.  

2. No Ambition to rise


If you're at work, and everyday your enthusiastic coworker annoys your soul because that coworker is constantly talking about trying to move up in the company and working hard to impress the bosses then you have a big problem. If you can't fathom why anyone would want to move up at your place of employment, you need to be moving out. If you can't buy in to your company's beliefs and goals then you've put in yourself in a position to just coast. Although this may go unproved and be meaningless at first, it will build in time. From months, to years you'll begin to develop more and more hate because you have no ambition to be here, and with no ambition you won't rise you stand still and watch as people come and go and become the grumpy old vet at that entry level position simply because you never cared, and got comfortable and never left.

1.  You're reading this article nodding in agreement 


If you've gotten this far and you've responded with 'that's true' for all four reasons. Well you my friend hate your job. Maybe you didn't know, and now you've been diagnosed, and if that is the case well then don't worry I won't charge you. I would strongly suggest that if you do feel like you're at a dead end job don't sit and accept it. Being proactive is a major key in life. Find the right job for you and never settle. There are literally millions of choices, and the job that's right for you is out there. Get hunting and don't stay complacent. 

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