An Audio Timeline of The Drake and Joe Budden Love Story

An Audio Timeline of The Drake and Joe Budden Love Story

Did you know Drake and Joe Budden are in a legit feud? Yes, Drake actually took the bait and this rap beef is 100 percent official. You may have missed the start of it because, well, it was a bit of a sleeper - but fear not because we, over at 12BY6, have your back !

Now, enjoy this audio ride through The Drake and Joe Budden Love Story:

- Drake drops the Views album:

Drake's album received mixed reviews. Joe Budden, in particular, did not like the album, which we know because he decided to voice his opinion on Twitter, and then, his Podcast. Sometime later, Joe caught wind of a diss verse aimed at him by Drake (off of French Montana's new album), which had yet not been released. Finally, after weeks of waiting, Drake dropped "4PM in Calabasas", which despite of it being a different diss, is a song heavily dripped in Diddy disses and a cleverly hidden jab at Joe, and now, its game on...

- After 4PM in Calabasas:

After the song's released, Joe commends Drake, and even goes as far as to tweet that "he would not be responding to the song" Yadda yadda yadda. But, days later... BAM !

- Making a Murderer (Part 1)

Following Drake's diss, Joe released a diss song that is packed with a lot of bars, and I mean, A LOT of bars! 

Well... then nothing happens. There is no response from Drake, just some instagram jokes and a lot of confusion as to why Joe Budden is going so hard at Drake. But, just when we think this is just going to fade out...

- Wake (By Joe Budden)

Yes!! Joe strikes again! This one may have been more brutal then the first, but, at the end,  Drake is still Drake, and Joe is still Joe. So, one would say that, as long as Drake keeps ignoring this then it will go away. But, remember the diss verse aimed at Joe (off of French Montana's new album) ? Well... it drops !

-No Shopping ft. Drake

French Montana's song " No shopping" ft. Drake gets released, which, solidifies the beef. Then, like clock work, Joe claps back with...another one.


Joe responds to "No Shopping" by then releasing "Afraid". Although there is no response from Drake, Joe Budden goes on "The Brilliant Idiots" podcast where he gives listeners his explanation of the entire beef.

Shortly after the podcast was released, yes, Joe dropped another one...

Joe then goes on Funk Flex's radio show on HOT97 and spits a freestyle dissing who? Drake !


Now, here we are, but the question is: where is this beef going? Well, we don't have that answer now, but, keep up because I will not do this again....well I probably will. Peace. 

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