NFL Pre-Season Mock Draft

NFL Pre-Season Mock Draft

It's finally August, and we’re just a few moments away from getting our first sighting of preseason football! If youre in a league, you’ve probably been spending countless amounts of hours doing mock drafts, trying to find some good players and put together a team of all stars that will lead you to fantasy football glory. Ive taken the liberty to do a pre-preseason mock before we get into the action. Below are the results of my 12 man PPR mock draft. I had the #3 pick and only went 4 rounds. 


Round 1 

1. Team 1 WR Antonio Brown, Pit 


2. Team 2 WR Julio Jones, Atl 


3. WR Odell Beckham Jr., NYG (Wil's pick) 


4. Team 4 RB Adrian Peterson, Min 


5. Team 5 WR DeAndre Hopkins, Hou 


6. Team 6 RB Todd Gurley, LA 


7. Team 7 RB Ezekiel Elliott, Dal 


8. Team 8 RB David Johnson, Ari 


9. Team 9 RB Devonta Freeman, Atl 


10. Team 10 WR Dez Bryant, Dal 


11. Team 11 WR A.J. Green, Cin 


 12. Team 12 RB Lamar Miller, Hou 

This is the first season I’ve seen a lot of WRs getting drafted early, but lately these guys (Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, OBJ) have been solid, to say the least. In his first two seasons, Odell Beckham Jr. has posted at least 1300 yards and 12 TDs all without playing a full season! I think it’s safe to assume that he’ll put up career highs this season, if he can stay on the field. OBJ should prove to be a safe option with the 3rd overall pick in any draft format.  


Round 2 

13. Team 12 RB Le'Veon Bell, Pit 


14. Team 11 WR Allen Robinson, Jax 


15. Team 10 RB Doug Martin, TB 


16. Team 9 TE Rob Gronkowski, NE 


17. Team 8 RB Mark Ingram, NO 


18. Team 7 RB Thomas Rawls, Sea 


19. Team 6 WR Jordy Nelson, GB 


20. Team 5 RB Jamaal Charles, KC 


21. Team 4 WR Brandon Marshall, NYJ 


22. RB Eddie Lacy GB (Wil's pick) 


23. Team 2 WR Alshon Jeffery, Chi 


24. Team 1 WR Sammy Watkins, Buf 

With the 22nd pick, I got a bit risky taking Eddie Lacy. Yeah, he’s coming off his worst season, but I have a good feeling about this pick. With Jordy Nelson coming back to help Aaron Rodgers get this offense back to where it was a couple of seasons ago, I see everyone on that team eating. This bold move isn’t for everybody, but if you’re willing to take the risk for a potential high reward player, why not? They say Eddie Lacy plays well in the cold, and I’m expecting it to be a cold winter. 


Round 3 

25. Team 1 WR Mike Evans, TB 


26. Team 2 RB LeSean McCoy, Buf 


27. WR Brandin Cooks, NO (Wil's pick) 


28. Team 4 TE Jordan Reed, Was 


29. Team 5 WR Amari Cooper, Oak 


30. Team 6 WR Demaryius Thomas, Den 


31. Team 7 QB Cam Newton, Car 


32. Team 8 WR Keenan Allen SD 


33. Team 9 RB Jonathan Stewart, Car 


34. Team 10 RB Matt Forte, NYJ 


35. Team 11 RB C.J. Anderson, Den 


36. Team 12 RB Carlos Hyde, SF 

Now I know Brandin Cooks was rather inconsistent last season, but oh man, all I see is targets, targets, and more targets. Despite his slow start, he still saw a total of 129 targets! With all that opportunity coming his way, and Drew Brees under center, I see Cooks picking up where he left off last season. Brandin Cooks finished off the season with double digit fantasy points in the last 6 of 8 games. 


Round 4 

37. Team 12 WR T.Y. Hilton, Ind 


38. Team 11 RB Dion Lewis, NE 


39. Team 10 WR Jarvis Landry, Mia 


40. Team 9WR Kelvin Benjamin, Car 


41. Team 8WR Eric Decker, NYJ 


42. Team 7 WR Julian Edelman, NE 


43. Team 6 WR Doug Baldwin, Sea 


44. Team 5 WR Jeremy Maclin, KC 


45. Team 4 WR Randall Cobb, GB 


46. QB Aaron Rodgers, GB (Wil's pick) 


47. Team 2 TE Greg Olsen, Car 


48. Team 1 QB Russell Wilson, Sea 

 Don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of taking QBs early, but speaking of Eddie Lacy having a comeback campaign, that can only mean good things for Aaron Rodgers. Oh and did I forget to say Jordy Nelson is back? I’m looking to get 20-30 fantasy points per week! So it should be worth the risk of taking two Packers, since I’m expecting big fantasy seasons from at least three Packers (I think you can guess who they are). 


Draft Recap

After four rounds, I'm excited about the players I was able to snag, although I do expect things to change after a week of preseason football. It should be interesting to see what players might move in or out of the top 48 that was selected in this mock draft. Until then, let’s sit back, have some hot ass wings, brews, and enjoy the return of football! 

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