Kim Kardashian Vs Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Vs Kanye West

America runs on the Kardashians. 

Kim Kardashian to be exact. The world needs to know what she's up to at all times. Some say, she just about had it all long before her marriage to the god himself, Kanye "Yeezus" West. I beg to differ. As world renowned KK may be, her legacy wasn't legitimate. I mean, who respects the legacy of Brandi's little brother and a no-name player known for his time on the Brooklyn Nets?

Kim has the world in her hands, but something important was always missing from her legacy. She needs to be a legitimate staple in American history. Not through association either, she needs an equal partner. Someone with clout and respect and a legendary way of life. That couldn't be had with Ray J, Reggie Bush or Kris Humphries because they have plateaued long before their relationship with Kim even bloomed.

Every yin needs a yang. Simple needs complex. Jay Z needed Beyonce, Angelina needed Brad, and Kim Kardashian needed Kanye West. Often times than not, Hollywood places pressure on its citizens to marry someone of equal value. Relationships like this aren't meant to last. You can force a powerhouse couple together, but love will prove to be its undoing.

At the time, marrying Kanye at the top of his Rap career made total sense for Kim. And for Kanye, after losing his mother, he needed someone or something to latch onto. He needed someone to love and obsess over. He needed a muse. A woman he could adore time and time again. Kim was the perfect specimen.

Now let's add in the mansions, the two beautiful kids, the Yeezy Adidas deal, and all the stress that it will be sure to bring. Whether you live in Hollywood or not, sometimes you have to know when you're doing too much. Kanye also started ranting about people, places, and things. I'm sure that put a strain on many relationships. That must have affected Kimye's relationship, with their Hollywood neighbors and peers.

Now let's break this down, Kanye doesn't need anybody: he has always been self-sufficient, and that's what we love about him. He always calls people out on their shit. As bizarre and overly obsessive as he can come across, he does have a "real n*gga mentality".

Kim is not cut from that same cloth; she is quiet and does better when avoiding conflict than confronting it. In all honesty, she can't afford to be brash or confrontational because, in some ways, she needs the people around her. Kanye doesn't.

The Kardashians have a way about them where if you are on the top of your game, they're 100% with you. But the minute you move a tad bit lower, they jump ship faster than pirates on a flaming boat.

Kanye has been talked about all year regarding his rants and calling out the big wigs of the entertainment industry like Jay Z and Beyoncé. With these actions, he's outcasting himself from society. Kanye is cool with that, but Kim is not. She needs to always be a part of what's going on in the entertainment business. Her world would fall apart if she couldn't premiere somewhere. Nothing scares Kim more than losing her empire. Any queen would behead the king if it'll save their children and legacy. Kim adored Mr. West at the peak of his prime but now with two babies into a marriage, with a man that lately has been seen more as crazy than revolutionary, I'm almost certain she's weighing her options as to whether it was all worth it.

"Is this man I love bringing my value down?" - Probably Kim Kardashian. 

Love is the most precious and valuable thing out there, but this story has been foreseen long before they got married. She's always proven to do things out of convenience and not out of actual feeling.

Hollywood stays youthful by what I would call "wave riding": jumping from one new thing to the next. That's the same legacy Kim Kardashian will leave when it's all said and done.

The truth of the matter is, Kim K. is likely to leave Ye. She might even get custody of the kids and half of what he owns. But Ye ain't gonna take it sitting down. Ye is crazy, not psychologically crazy, but passionate and unrelentingly driven kind of crazy. He's not gonna be an easy target for her. He's going to turn her life upside down if she tries. If she tries to divorce Kanye West, this will be her undoing. She, nor her team, have enough to bring down Kanye West. Kanye West is not gonna write about it in songs, he's going to lose his mind long before he gets there. So I hope they don't divorce because it would be a tragedy that might be the fall of the Kardashian-West family.

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