UFC 214 Evinger vs Cyborg

I smell an upset tonight in both boxing and UFC/MMA. I think Evinger will beat or come close to beating Cyborg! I believe since its no one left for her to fight, she has to be dethrone Megan Anderson dropped out and IF Tonya Evinger beats Cris Cyborg Cristiano, she will be a fresh face going into the second half of the year.

Prediction: Tonya Evinger (hopefully). 


Boxing: Adrien Broner v Mikey Garcia

I also strongly believe Adrien Broner is on the road to redemption and his new found path of soul searching he will lay the smacketh down on Mikey Garcia. He can do this without the Money Team and without Floyd this is the perfect chance to carve his own role, he needs to show upon though. He  is truly his own downfall. Mikey Garcia is no walk in the park, but Broner is the bigger bruiser and he needs to lead with his strong hand.


Prediction: Adrien Broner (Decisively).



UFC 214 Daniel Cormier v Jon Jones

Jon Jones is about to beat that ass, to welcome Lesnar with open arms.

Prediction: Jon Jones, stupid.



MMA Steven Rodriguez v Andre Harrison


to be honest i don't know but Steven is probably not going to win, so i didn't bet on him LOL.

Avengers: Infinity War Prologue

Avengers: Infinity War Prologue

Kendrick Lamar - Loyalty (ft. Rihanna)

Kendrick Lamar - Loyalty (ft. Rihanna)