What To Drink Right Now: Wines to treat yourself!

      Christmas can wait, but here are three wines you can gift to yourself now!

      I hate when people rush the holidays. Christmas lights up before the pumpkins are put away? Please, give me a chance to catch up!

       That said, who’s saying it isn’t ok to gift yourself any time of year? And you especially deserve it now. Just thinking about the cooking, the decorating and the cards…BTW, am I the only dinosaur that still sends cards?  It’s enough to make anyone want a drink. Consider it “self-care.” 😉


       Provenance Rutherford 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon. This beautiful cabernet has notes of chocolate cherry on the nose. It is bursting with juicy, ripe red fruit, mocha and earth flavors. Luxuriously smooth tannins and a long, dry satisfying finish. As a gift for a Cabernet lover, it’s the perfect fit. To bring to a holiday dinner, where the wine you bring matters, this would also be completely on point. At $60 dollars—it is worth every single penny. And if no one you drink with would appreciate it? Save it for yourself.

Cooper 2016.png

      Cooper and Thief 2016 Red Wine Blend. The tasting notes describe this blend as dark and jammy, and they are spot on. This California blend is aged in bourbon barrels, but so completely unlike any other bourbon barrel aged reds I’ve tried. It has lovely, toasty, caramel, bourbon notes that blend seamlessly with red wine. It does not have the overly assertive heat on the finish that other bourbon barrel reds possess. Simply put, your throat doesn’t burn. It goes down smooth, so smooth you should beware—it’s 17% alcohol. And it retails at only $25.


       Stemmari Hedonis Nero D’Avola 2015. I gotta tell you. I was a skeptic. Nero D’Avola has long been called the most important red wine grape in Sicily. These grapes produce a delicious, consistent, affordable, dark, peppery, red wine. The emphasis for me, has always been on consistent and affordable. In fact, side tangent here, if you need an affordable red to run to a last minute dinner, Cusumano Nero D'Avola, at just around $10, is a can’t miss wine. On the way back from my tangent, it was knowing how affordable Nero D’Avola is, that had me balking at the Stemmari Hedonis Nero D’Avola 2015.  

       It costs $50. But, despite my initial resistance, I can say that would be $50 very well spent. The Hedonis is deep, dark, and rich. It has lovely notes of cherry, tobacco and licorice. The flavors are layered; the finish is silky smooth, think black satin sheets. I was so sorry to see this bottle end. Really. I was. But you don’t have to be. I loved it now, I can only imagine how good it’ll taste when New York is in a deep freeze. But, really, I don’t want to rush things…




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