Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap

Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap

"Pull Up In Motorcades. I Got a Show Today. This all I'm trying to do, Hustle + Motivate. Choppers a throwaways, Hussle the Hova way, This why they follow me home, They Think I Know The Way" -Nipsey Hussle (Hussle + Motivate)


The mother fuckin' Victory Lap is more than an album! Its a declaration of a new era. The world dubbed Nipsey Hussle as a mixtape rapper yet he evolved to self made musical genius. Looks like we misdiagnosed this one. Nipsey has repeatedly denied all odds and major label doubt since his debut on the music scene. Nipsey Hussle went on to build, develop and flourish his own brand off his pure wit and merit. Very few has defied these odds in this way since the legendary Shawn Carter.  No Major Label. No Problem. The Victory Lap this album celebrates is not only the album itself, I mean it is worth celebrating but Nipsey has been successful since he dropped the Hu$sle In The House over the legendary Kriss Kris's beat. The actually victory is more about where he came from and plans to go than where is currently at right now, Nipsey's evolution is the most celebrated aspect of this victory lap of his. Everything about Nip's journey is inspiring, how often does people like Nipsey become a prominent figure in rap for something other than gang bangin', and fighting at award shows. Nipsey progressed the culture of hip-hop. His marketing and business tactics far exceed anything else he is known for. Let's discuss the album which features Diddy, Cee-lo Green, Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius,YG, Stacy Barthe, Dom Kennedy, The-Dream, Buddy, Teeflii and Belly. 

I would normally start with the best song on the album but honestly there is so many great songs. Out of 16 records, the only records I don't constantly have on repeat are "Rap Niggas" and "Last Time I Checc'd ft YG". This is not to say they aren't good songs but not what I admire most about this album. 14 out of 16 songs are great for hip-hop, and perfect for this album best part is it has no fillers. But okay, let's discuss some favorite songs on the album  my top  favorites are Hustle + Motivate or Loaded Bases ft. Ceel-lo Green or Double Up ft. Belly + Dom Kennedy. I either start the album with one of these song or end it that way. The best quality of these songs as well as 95% of this album is the inspirational undertones. Believe it or not, the world needed this, the streets needed something this powerful to start off 2018. What is heavily portrayed on this album is the "I Did It and You can do it too Attitude". Nipsey Hussle provides that extra confidence and insurance that the world is truly yours. Nipsey Hussle starts the loaded bases verse with such charisma and cadence:

Loaded bases, that's my motivation

Niggas feelin' lucky, we should go to Vegas

2018 mode of transportation
Got me feelin' over-anxious like a home invasion
My dough inflated and I'm more creative
Signed a couple big deals, but it's no paradin'
See it's a couple niggas every generation
I wasn't supposed to make it out, or decode the Matrix
And when they get to speak, it's like a coded language
Reminds niggas it ain't strength in all this stolen greatness
We used to shoot at niggas' at the Mobil station
Full circle, mogul motivation
My self-educated, suit, negotiations
Got these sharks that I'm sittin' at this table with afraid to bait me
No tint on my Mercedes, that's for inspiration
Two kilos on my neck, like the fuckin' 80's
Westside Slauson Ave, know my demonstration
Born and raised, ya'll affiliated, it's really greatness
Ride around like I really made it
Loaded bases, I'm gonna Wille Mays it, yeah

This impactful verse is followed by a definitive chorus by Cee-lo Green:

Listen to my ambition 'cause I'm on one

Swingin' for the fences for the home run

Even further beyond in to the universe

But I got to make it to first, first

It feels like every second is being stolen

I risked it for every ticket we sold them

You got the ball, I'ma take it home

Bottom line, I'm gon' make it home

 And they brought it home on this song. Home Run.!!

Another great song features Belly + DOM Kennedy called  Double Up. I was anxious and worried about the turn out of this song, Belly isn't a big feature but he's connected to a superstar named The Weeknd, by way of the XO Gang and DOM Kennedy is the main stay of his own brand called Other People's Money/OPM. What worried me is what I would call a sound clash, where too many different artist are bringing in additional sounds and styles that may not be cohesive together.  Thankfully there was no sound clash and Nipsey Hussle successfully arranged the song where Belly + Dom both proved excellent on their respective contributions to the song. Dom actually made me proud he sounds like... the Vintage DOM Kennedy. Nipsey shines effortlessly on this record as well.   I dont want to give away all the gems on this review but I want it to be known this Album has my full support and I stand behind great music. Sometimes the message in music will out live the artist or the song. Nipsey Hussle will always remain relevant in music because his endless ambition to motivate others or strive as an underdog is second to none. This music provides a the right attitude and energy for all listening, I hope this album gets the recognition for being a top album in 2018 and beyond.

Enjoy your Victory Lap!

You've been winning before the race started! 



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