Black Panther - Rise Of Wakanda, Fall Of The Panther.

Black Panther - Rise Of Wakanda, Fall Of The Panther.

This is For Wakanda!

For the first time in american film history, Africa was portrayed as a great civilization and country to the entire globe. The characters were depicted with such elegance, poise, values and just sheer royalty that poured through the silver screen to the audience in such a fashion that it has transcended upon the viewers of all races and colors. With a star studded cast of all black actrresses and actors, this movie has catapulted itself leagues ahead of any other film made by the Marvel division of the Disney conglomerate. Lets make this clear the real vibrainium(gem) of this movie is more than the numbers, this shit is bigger than even the numbers and ratings. This was for the culture.

The Wakanda Flex. 

There has never been a movie in my entire 28 year existence, where an entire race and culture has made a deliberate effort to promote to the youth and many others as Black Panther has within two prominent cultures. The race I am referring to is the African American/Black American and the Culture is the Hip-Hop culture. Now before some one tries to say this is just another black film, I am going to stop you right there and thoroughly explain how powerful this movie is. Marvel has never done this before, when it comes to superheroes we've come to learn almost all superheros are either white, enhanced, mutant or alien. Think about that. War Machine and Falcon don't count either because they have enhanced suits created by another human being no to mention they are sidekicks. Beside Super powered humans ie: Tony Stark, Ant-man and Captain America or gamma radiated ones: The Hulk or the Norse Gods: Thor and Loki. We do not have a superhero born from the minority community. The X-Men are not qualified to count because their back ground is based on genes, and being a mutant always has been seen as inferior in the 616 Universe. But Black Panther is a home grown genius level intellect, superior fighting warrior from an Africa tribe. No genetic tampering, no magic juice, and no mythological background. The best part is Black Panther can only be by blood right amongst the five tribes, so any one amongst those 5 tribes can be the Black Panther as seen in the movie.

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Have you never wondered why the Avengers never really tried to stop the Nimrod & Sentinels assaults at the X-Mansion ? Think about that.

Now back to Black Panther, this was a bold move by Marvel, one that paid off 100 fold. One of the big reasons why is because of racism in america and how many other countries view Africa overall The worst can never acknowledge the greatness Africa possess and has created in a real world sense. Most americans (prior to now) have always had issues with black men in power and to supply evidence to that "theory" is why else would most superheros be white? Please don't give me that they're easier to draw bullshit either. How we view the world is how we created our thoughts and our thoughts come from our culture lesson and experiences.

So how does Marvel navigate through these obstacles and still appeal to an often neglected audience? Knowing certain changes to what's widely accepted usually wouldn't be allowed within american film, since people are fickle with change. Too much change and people go into panic mode. That's why they couldn't give the Spider-man role to Childish Gambino a few years back before the new reboot of Spiderman: Homecoming

 So how did Marvel pull this off?

Not so simple, that's for sure. They grabbed two budding stars with Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan, mixed in some Forrest Whittaker, Angela Bassett, Lupita N'oygo, and Michonne from The Walking Dead, Daniel Kaluuya from the box office smash Get Out and let Director Ryan Coogler go to work with a 240 million dollar budget. But that wasn't enough to get black people to the movie theaters so Marvel doubled down and got Top Dawg Entertainment and Kendrick Lamar to make an Album for it, Acura to produce commercials and let the very influential Black Twitter talk it into legendary status before it even hit the silver screen. Black people come together for every little except injustice, other then that we maintain an every man for himself attitude but the opposite occurred at the best time. The entire black community promoted, raved, viewed and revived this movie so much that the review was 9.99/10 on rotten tomatoes which caused Twitter (including  Black Twitter ) to go absolutely insane.  

The pre sale tickets grossed the most ever in box office history to date. A black superhero movie, by a black director and black cast promoted by the black community on black history month, this was so calculated and even more calculated cause it actually worked. Even though, Wakanda is fictional place, a lot of what is fictions comes from a real place and or experience. The look and appeal of Wakanda is as beautiful and plentiful as  the comic books. But Ryan Coogler may not know yet his creation of Africa will inadvertently lead to the further development of Africa in a real life perspective. The numbers, the outcome, the broken records, the full embrace of entire cultures has solidify Black Panther into Marvel's top gross earner amongst comic book movies. 

So with all these accolades reached, whats next for the cast? Well that is my sole issue with the Black Panther film. Whats Next? the script was set for one film and one film only based on the way it was written and edited. That's the killing blow to the film, all he characters developed got killed in the BP debut. So what's next, Coogler?

Erik Killmonger, wanted vengeance for his dad's murder and the black people killed through slavery, Black Panther wanted peace, and the rest of the Wakanda wanted to do whatever the Throne Host decided. What irked me was this felt like rushed. Civil War don't end within the same day, Erik Killmonger should of been able to attack a town or two which could of lead to two things: pollution and debris pouring into the seas + Atlantis, infuriating a new villain/anti-hero/ Monarch Prince Namor, unknowingly. After Kill mongers death Black Panther is set to deal with the consequences from Namor and the Atlantean Guard thanks to his cousin's actions. This could of lead to a great Kings vs Kings rivalry amongst the two deployed countries. Or better suited for the script, while the two factions battling Killmonger vs Black Panther, Hulk + Thor crash land from spaces from a Blow from the Infinity Gauntlet. Stopping the battle mid scene Because Civil War are futile in the line of galactic ones. And the movie should cut at that point. The movie was great but I wanted more, more character more development in the initial story. Klaw's death seemed so pointless. Why even say he stole vibranium, we should of to see why the father killed his brother and how klaw even found Wakanda in the first place. So much story to add but none was included. That's my only issue with this film, some areas of elaborating on character's wants, needs and methods to their madness. 

Killmonger was too calculated to be a rage monster at the end trying to kill everything for no justified reason, if he had a niche for killing that would of been amazing or if he spared Black Panther in a way that Sabretooth does to Wolverine in comics, which made him even more feral. That would of been nice, after all every Panther has an animalistic side right?  Think about that all the technology advancements and royal blood and expectation to carry yourself as a King and your still just an animal at heart. How do you tame that?

Hmmm, maybe i should be a screen writer. 

I'm not the director but my question is what's next for Wakanda? Will Wakanda meet Atlantis or the Savage Land or Doom's Latveria? One thing for sure is the first film left no easter eggs to grow off of unlike other marvel films. I guess we will find out Infinity War Part 1 releasing 04/27/2018.


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