What To Drink Right Now: 13 Wines to Welcome Spring!

What To Drink Right Now: 13 Wines to Welcome Spring!

March wasn’t fun, and a lot of April was no picnic either, so most of us are more than ready to tell winter to step off. My favorite wines to transition the seasons are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The lighter bodied red and fuller bodied white are perfect - even when the weather isn’t. Here are 13 wines that I hope will make your spring joyful. 


Pinot Noirs:

We’ll start with some exceptional Oregon Pinots. Keep in mind, the prices listed for all wines can vary depending on where you shop.


Ponzi 2016. At $26, this is my new favorite Pinot Noir. Rich and hearty, smooth and silky. Full of fruit, earth, and mocha. (Shown in Picture) 


Left Coast Pinot Estate Cali’s Cuvee 2015. This wine, just under $25, is a lovely dark purple color with a garnet ring. Good legs. Black currant nose. Light, leaning towards a medium body. It has a rich, robust and rustic, earthy taste and a long dry finish. This is not a wimpy Pinot noir.


Left Coast Latitude 45 Pinot Noir 2015. At just under $40, this wine looks light bodied, but looks can be deceiving. Rich, silky smooth, and delicious, this medium-bodied Pinot Noir has berry and anise on the nose, strong notes of concord grape, and lighter notes of a black pepper, on the palate. This is a simple, and simply elegant Pinot Noir. If you usually find Pinot Noirs too light in body or flavor, this one may change your mind. Good for chilly early spring days. (Shown in Picture) 

California Pinot Noirs:



Laetitia Estate Pinot Noir 2016 Arroyo Grande Valley. This wonderfully elegant and restrained wine is listed online for under $20. It tastes much more expensive. (Shown in Picture)                                     


Baileyana Firepeak Pinot Noir 2015. This is another Pinot listed for just under $20, but drinks above its price point and, if buying as a gift or to bring somewhere for dinner, the label is stunning. (Shown in Picture) 

Talley Vineyards 2015 and Stephen Ross 2015 are both in the $30 range and both well worth the money.




Bouchaine Estate Chardonnay 2014. At around the $30 mark, this wine tastes like the first kiss of spring. Lovely fruit balances luscious oak. The Goldilocks of chardonnays: it’s not too heavy and it’s not too light. With delicious notes of lemon meringue pie, this California wine is the perfect transition to Spring. (Shown in Picture) 

Stephen Ross Edna Valley 2015. The perfect balance of oak and acidity. Price listed for the 2014 chardonnay on their website is $25.

Fel 2016 Chardonnay. Selling for approximately $30, this wine is rich, oaky, fruity and bold.

Laetitia Estate Chardonnay 2016. At around $20 this California Chardonnay is similar in craftsmanship to their lovely Pinot, elegant, restrained and tastes much more expensive.


The next two Chardonnays from Washington are steals at just around $10!


Charles Smith Eve Chardonnay 2015. Juicy with enough oak to balance the fruit. If Eve was tempted by this I know why she caved. (Shown in Picture) 

Powers Chardonnay 2015. Some butter, some oak and a lovely bright finish.

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