Views on the Walmart Newbies

I am so excited to see some new fashion lines in Wal-Mart. I have always been a fan of Wal-Mart and will always be. I know people who buy the same items as me and pay four times the price as me and when worn a certain way people cannot tell that I am wearing “Wal-Mart Clothing”. We have come a long way from the days of Faded Glory in the Juniors clothing section. Since I am deal addict Wal-mart is my playground. Let me show you why I have so much fun at Wal-mart with a look I will call “Southern Comfort”.

I am a Southerner (born and bred) but my family has lived everywhere and my parents are from totally different parts of the country then I am and I do my best to keep up with the city children but this to me is a perfect look that can be worn for tons of different purposes. You can wear this as an interview outfit depending on the industry you are in and this is also a nice dinner outfit.


Not for date night but this can be worn with relatives and networking events to give yourself a conservative look. It’s okay to look cheap to make people think you are richer. Okay, I can’t hold it in--I am obsessed with tassels and I started wearing them before they were a trend so to find a shirt with tassels for under $10 is amazing to me. Why did I choose distressed shorts? Because you can never go wrong with a white pant.


Lastly, this brown shoe that looks like it would not be seen in Wal-mart and can be embellished and a great canvas for my DIY-ers. Wal-mart shopping is for the creative shopper. I love Gucci and I am in the process of buying Gucci styled items myself and I’ve been wearing designer clothing before it became a trend but fashion is losing its creativity because everyone wears Gucci.


What I love about these clothes is that it forces you to make your look unique because fashion is not repeating what you see in a magazine but it is being yourself. I am a laid back female and I hate heels. I know as a female I should wear stilettos because everyone else does, but I am not every woman. I do a great job of being myself and it works for me. This is fashion not "follow the leader." When wearing clothing let it tell a story.

Tyler, The Creator - "435" x "Rose Tinted Cheeks" (Rough Draft)

Tyler, The Creator - "435" x "Rose Tinted Cheeks" (Rough Draft)

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