Are You Working With A Faulty Mind?


You’ll never reach success if you can’t control your mind. The mind is disobedient and rebellious. And yes it can be outright disrespectful. The mind will call you a chump and a has-been. And don’t disagree with it. Because the mind has a sharp memory.


The video footage is HD quality, just in case you say it’s lying or you don’t remember the situation. It replays the blunders and shouts down your rebuttals. The mind doesn’t want you to succeed. And it doesn’t want you to fail either. The mind’s focus is survival.


So, it can care less if you want to jog on a snowy day to improve your endurance. The mind will tell you to go back to bed because it’s too cold to run. It’ll say it politely. Then raise its voice to intimidate you. It’s the ultimate master of intimidation.


The mental succeeded. That’s why you’re not where you want to be in life. It’s been leading without your permission. When will you change roles with the mind and become a leader? Or are you going to die a follower? It’s been running up the score in your love life, finances and career.


Aren’t you tired of it throwing easy touchdown passes? If so, then you have to challenge the mind with your results. It’s similar to when people doubt that you can achieve a goal. Tell the mind, “Ok I didn’t get what I wanted in this situation because I made a few errors, but I’m not backing down”.

Ok, so you might keep losing for quite some time. The mental will make fun of you and think it knows best. If you keep persevering and restructuring your strategy, then you’ll eventually win. Talk trash to the mind, gloat, and celebrate the win with friends.

Don’t take it easy with the mental. It’s a sore loser, so don’t expect it to say “congratulations”. Keep standing up to it. I mean really challenging it. Piss off the mind by upping the ante. I’ve done it. I wrote a book and faced a vast number of unforeseen obstacles. And what’s funny  is that it wasn’t my first book (lol).


A hired Freelancer incorrectly formatted the Ebook version. I had an Illustrator refuse to listen to my concept for the front cover. Another freelancer didn’t complete the back cover. My mind kept telling me that, “it wasn’t meant to be”. Eventually, I finally found a competent Formatter and Illustrator.


The Ebook and print version were finally completed. And I decided to look for book reviewers. Some responded. Some didn’t. I received mixed reviews. And still kept asking people despite the results. The mental chatter started dying down. The same thing is going to happen with you. I guarantee.

When you win and take on another goal, it’ll start with the B.S. again. But, you know the play by now.


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