They Doubt You, But It’s Not About You


Live Your Life. Go For It. Don’t start tomorrow, start now. Follow Your Dreams. Slogans are easy to repeat. And it makes you feel good. Alright, I’m ready to go for it. I have my sword and shield. Let’s go to war. On the warpath, swinging a sword, you incapacitate bad eating habits and put sloth in an arm lock.


One of many minions protecting your dream. A gift only unlocked by the courageous warrior. Every day you wage war against bad behavior. Blood camouflage the brown arm bandages. Your legs hurt from repeatedly kicking social media in the torso. You place the sword in a sheath and shoot fears with a machine gun.


Family and friends watch your battles from a distance. Some are unaware of the fisticuffs and go about their lives. A few take notice. These people open the closet and see a shiny untouched sword and shield. The weaponry sets off emotional responses of regret and anger.

You visit your cousin, Randy, to take a break from battle to gather some provisions. He’s unaware of the daily duels. Randy listens to the micro victories and is unmoved by your risk-taking. He questions the decisions in reaching your goal but doesn’t provide solutions or encouragement. You smile because you know you’re getting closer to achieving the goal.


You hear your dream’s voice growing stronger each day. Before it was faint, now it’s becoming clearer and more distinct. It’s telling you “not to give up”, and “I promise, I am worth fighting for and I will change your life”. “Just believe and trust God”, it says at the end of each day.


You’ll have people questioning your decision to go for what you want. They’re weak spiritually and mentally.  Your dream looks forward to its capture, which is why God has you longing for it. And you’ll never be complete if you don’t seize it. God designs every child with specific functionalities to expand themselves and the world.


Keep your intense feelings and don’t allow a person or job to extinguish your love. Yes, people will do this. A job will too. Everybody doesn’t believe they can achieve their dreams. Yes, not everyone believes in themselves. I never let a job or person prevent me from working on my projects.

I dedicated the off hours to idea development and strategies to take me to the next level in my field. Also, I ignored people’s stories of those who failed to reach their dreams because of bad habits or poor decision making. These people feed off of others failures.


It’s a twisted way of thinking. I had this mindset, but, I changed when I started going for my dreams. Because it’s a ton of work and dedication. Also, it’s imperative that you’re psychologically and emotionally sound. The grind and people’s doubt can wear you down mentally.


You need to focus on your craft and not the naysayers. So don't let anyone plant doubt in your mind. They doubt themselves, so it’s impossible for them to believe in you. God believes in you and loves you. He’ll open doors to reach your dream. But, you have to help him. God doesn’t give assistance to the lazy.

Pusha T - The Story Of Adidon (Drake Diss)

Pusha T - The Story Of Adidon (Drake Diss)

"Celia: My Life" is coming to TV!

"Celia: My Life" is coming to TV!