It’s Over, Give Up


Stop holding on. Stop resisting. I see you flip-flopping. You know you’re flip-flopping. You can’t give up the old you. It’s whispering lies. The old you’s main talking points are “this isn’t you” and “you can’t win because you aren’t tough enough”.


While in the middle of writing your goals, you begin wondering if it’s a waste of time because the previous set took longer than expected to accomplish. And some you abandoned for other projects or they were forgotten because you didn’t consistently review them.


It’s tough being responsible. What you want to do, might not be what you need to do and what you don’t want to do is exactly what you need to do. The last four days you’ve been spending more time dissecting your favorite entertainer’s life and meeting women instead of studying for the Statistics final.


You recall that your past study habits resulted in an A on the midterm because you reviewed your notes twice a day. You met with your Professor and watched online videos. For your Statistics final you half study and decide to wing it.






 It’s too much work devoting most of your time to this class. Your old self smiles when you agree with its reasoning. And act on its advice. Ya’ll can be friends again. It’ll stop hating and begin loving you although, you’ll be miserable for not adhering to your past work ethic.

 Ultimately, your slacking off leads to a failing grade. You have to repeat the course. Your online relationships end and 80% of your classmates pass the final.

My example: I took Directing in college. The class pertained to theater. I failed because of a lax attitude and poor preparation skills. I dedicated most of my time to watching sports and music videos.

I know the right effort and mindset would have produced an A. As the saying goes, “what’s done is done”.

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