10 Things to Learn After Watching After Watching “10 Things I Hate About You”

10 Things to Learn After Watching After Watching “10 Things I Hate About You”

Though many teen movies have vacated our minds, there are  still a few that celebrate our youth and personally mark our psyche as the BEST TEEN MOVIE EVER! This is where the movie 10 Things I Hate About You comes in. It is not only the one movie that encompasses young love and partying, but  is also a movie disguised as an open letter to adults everywhere. The movie encourages women empowerment and the need for the rom com to enter in  our televisions, even if it is only for one hour and 40 minutes. This is how we will learn ten things about ourselves after watching this movie.

1.  Feminism

One of the main protagonist characters in the movie, Katarina Stratford serves as a feminist. She not only shows us that being rebellious can be cool, but she also chooses not to follow what others say or do. Kat says it all during one scene when she says to Heath Ledger’s character “You don’t always have to be who they want you to be, you know.”


2.  Non conformity

This brings us to Kat’s non-conformity, raising hell and saying whatever she wants. A great depiction is when she says “ I want you to stop trying to control my life just because you can’t control yours!” She means business!

3. True love

Cameron’s admiration for Bianca is pure and truthful. It shows us that young love can be charming. Especially when Cameron says angrily at Bianca “just because you’re beautiful , that doesn’t mean you can treat people like they don’t matter.” He was making the point that he cared deeply for Bianca and didn’t want  to lose her to selfishness.


4. Self-Assurance

The funniest scene of the movie is when Kat hits her enemies car, the enemy being Joey Donner. She said “ what is this asshole day!” and makes you realize that when you want to be direct, pushing the limits might be necessary.


5. Great friendship

When Cameron meets William, she thought he was another video geek, but once they started to hang out, they learned their conflicts and the easiness of just being pals, even if they come from different backgrounds. It shows us that we can find a true bosom buddy.


6. No labels

When William takes Cameron for a tour around the high school campus, William tends to tell Cameron about each clique on campus. From the cowboys to the beautiful people. It is no wonder that labels are still being used in today’s high school campuses. We learn how silly it all is to label someone and to be uncaring.


7. Misunderstandings

It is easy to just misunderstand people when you do not know them at all. As for the two main characters, Kat and Patrick, the kids at their schools assume they were jerks. The lesson? Many people assume things about someone without knowing the real person. Misunderstandings happen to the best of us! You can still hear Kat say “ All they know about me is that I’m scary”


8. Women issues

Kat referred to her intimate time with Joey Donner. Speaking that they had intercourse and she felt pressured to do so. This was what caused Kat to forget those popular kids and stand up to be her own person.


9. Trust

Patrick deceived Kat from the beginning, but it turned out that he was upfront with her in the end. It is lovely when he says “ I didn’t care about the money, I cared about you”, which says it all. He wanted her trust that he was in love with her. Trust is crucial in any relationship.


10.  Togetherness

It was nice to see how Kat and Bianca made up in the end. It suggests that sisterly love is better than just being lonesome and alone.

The movie has been watched so many times and you can see why. Not only does it incorporate love with humor, but also made points about belonging. The movie emphasizes heavily on being true to yourself. 



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