Mentoring in the Kitchen: Exclusive with MasterChef Judge

Mentoring in the Kitchen: Exclusive with MasterChef Judge


Aarón Sánchez found his passion for cooking at a young age, learning from what he says are the two most powerful women in the family.

“I’m the son of a restaurateur, my mom had a restaurant for 30 years in New York. I kinda grew up in the business, going their after school. And then my grandmother was a really fantastic home cook, who is also a cookbook author as well; so I’m actually a third generation cookbook author. It started with the two most powerful women in the family, mom and grandma.”

With these two monumental women at Aarón Sánchez’s side it was clear to see that he was always destined to become the accomplished chef he is today. Over time Chef Sanchez moved to television working with numerous networks and television programs. With MasterChef he does exactly what his family did for him. Working as a mentor to the members of his team.

“ I think one of the most integral parts of being a chef is the mentor aspect. Yes, there is discipline; yes there's structure and having talent of being able to cook well.  I think the mentoring is great because that allows some of these home cooks to have that push and that incentive. When someone believes in you it's an unbelievable motivating factor. I believe in everyone on my team, I see very different characteristics in each one. And one will can be taken to the finale.”


One in contestant in particular that Sánchez mentor’s is César Cano. A front runner in Season 9’s finale episode airing Wednesday September 19th.

“They all bring their own strong suits, but for me César is an absolute technician.  I see a lot of him in me. He wants to celebrate and legitimize Mexican food with great technique and unbelievable ingredients.”

For Sánchez the theme of mentorship brings different element to the show that contestant can take from, as well as allows that show to be stand from other food competition programs.

“What makes MasterChef different from the other shows is we mentor. Some cooking shows have you in there for a brief moment and your just kinda told “your not good”. MasterChef we spend three months with them and we are emotionally and professionally invested to their success. We’re really preparing them with honest and professional settings. Contestant more times than not get to open that bakery they always wanted to or start that line of food products. This gives them that confidence to do it.”

With MasterChef airing their season finale Wednesday September 19th on FOX. Chef Sánchez left us with three words describing what viewers can expect….

“Heartbreaking..Unbelievable empowering ...and UNEXPECTED.”

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Just as Aarón Sánchez found a mentor in both his mother and grandmother, with MasterChef he continues that tradition with aspiring chefs competing on the show. The season finale airs this Wednesday Sept. 19th on FOX. And open casting kicks off in New York City Saturday Sept. 22nd at DoubleTree Suites Times Square.


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