Why Things are Starting to Turn Around for Historically Bad New York Teams

Why Things are Starting to Turn Around for Historically Bad New York Teams

“This time it’s different”

Why things are starting to turn around for historically bad New York teams.



The Mets in recent years have been far from consistent. It seems to be one heart break after another. But here is why things are turning around. It seems just like yesterday (at least to me) that the Mets were rolling into the playoffs right into the world series, thriving off our hot bats and lock down pitching. Injuries have hurt us badly for the past couple of seasons, but our strength still lies in our arms. If not building blocks at the very least Mets have some assets desirable for anybody in the league in need of pitching. Just this year our ace Jacob DeGrom was killing despite a supporting cast in the field, posting an amazing 1.70 ERA, getting 269 strike outs while keeping his WHIP under 1% (0.912 to be exact). For those who don’t follow baseball, the reason this is such an amazing feat is because strike out pitchers are normally putting their WHIPs (Walk/ Hits on Innings Pitched) on the line to get the strike out in the first place. Although the Mets farm system hasn’t been the best, we have been pumping out some talent lately, including most of our pitchers and some nice bats and defensive players. Mets are currently under new management and they look to turn things around soon.



The Yankees are basically done with their short rebuild stage and are looking to cash in all their chips, but the important thing about this is that they aren’t shooting themselves in the foot with typical “Yankee Moves”. Meaning they are thinking twice and thrice before they give players a blank check. Yankees GM Brian Cashman sees the error of the past ways and probably learned as he had to deal with the end of the A-Rod era, whose contract set the Yankees franchise a few years back. Now the Yankees have another year of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton playing together in the league’s HR friendliest field to get ready to ball in. All the Yankees need to do is fix their Bullpen problems and they can be primed to compete for World Series for years to come!



It seems like the New York Knicks are always missing talent. In our recent years the most success we had was when we finished 2nd in the east under Carmelo Anthony, but we had players at the very end of their careers such as Jason Kidd, and Chauncey Billups. Since that season we never really sustained much success, but things are finally turning around for the Knicks. Now I know most Knicks fans tend to have a high level of optimism, but I truly feel like the Knicks’ franchise are finally in good hands. It all starts with Steve Mills. Just this off season, he gave up his GM duties and got some much needed help, and went out and grabbed Scott Perry. For the first time in a while, I get the feel that the franchise is in the hands of two gentlemen who actually care about the franchise and do have a big picture vision in which the Knicks are known as one of the better franchises in the league. Scott Perry then went ahead and brought in Coach David Fizdale, most known for his “ya’ll aint gonna rook us” rant in his time as head coach with the Memphis grizzlies. When you partner these three gentlemen up, you get a fresh new culture in New York that brings the best out of players and creates a winning environment regardless of who’s on the floor. The Knicks may be lottery bound this season yet again, but with Kristaps Porzingis in the fold, Fizdale is doing exactly what he said he was looking forward to do in his introductory press conference and that is bringing out the best out of players who otherwise may have been written off. We have players like Noah Vonleh, and Emanuel Mudiay who lost their key roles on their respective previous teams and we are seeing glimpses of why they were top 10 draft picks. Fizdale is a player’s coach who was actually on staff on LeBron’s championship Miami heat teams and I believe he can bring in and develop the type of talent needed to be a respectable franchise in todays NBA.



The Brooklyn Nets’ path has been much different from that of the New York Knicks, as they have still been struggling from a deal made when they first got to Brooklyn when they acquired Celtics greats Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce where the nets basically gave up a chunk of their future assets. When that didn’t pan out, the owner at the time jumped ship and sold the team leaving the franchise to basically fend for itself. For a team who had absolutely no incentive from tanking, the Nets have basically been throwing max money at any young talented player that hits the market and daring rival teams to match the max. Today they have a pretty decent young core that’s built around defensive big man Jarett Allen and former Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russel, and they have a coach who was an assistant coach for Mike Budelholzer which were part of the team who holds the franchise best 60-22 record.



The New York Giants may be New York’s favorite football team, mainly because of the two chips Eli Manning brought home. Those two chips were so sweet because it came at the expense of Tom Brady’s patriots and New York sports teams usually have rivalries with teams based in Massachusetts. In recent years we haven’t gotten that version of Eli though. The Giants’ new hope came in the form of a 6 foot, 235 pound running back. We are finishing up a season in which the giants found their generational talent stud, Saquon Barkley who looks like the undisputed best player of his draft. Typically, running backs are not supposed to strive when the offensive line is non-existent, but Saquon is on pace to finish the year with over 1200 yards rushing, adding over 700 in the air totaling at least 14 total touchdowns when its all said and done this year. He has looked so good on the giants offense this year (being one of the lone shining stars on that team) that ESPN personality and host of the popular “First Take” went so far as to say that he is the best running back in the league today! The giants now have their running back of the future, with some help at the offensive line and a little magic from Eli the giants are bound to do better than what they showed on the field this year



The New York Jets have been one of the worst franchises of the league. Normally that kind of reputation is tied in with quarterback play. The quarterback position you can say has been a bit of a revolving door, as every few years we are looking for our new franchise QB. In recent years we’ve donned Mark Sanchez as the “Sanchize”. He gave us a nice couple of years and made it as far as the AFC Championship game, but since then we’ve had Geno Smith, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bryce Petty, and Josh McCown all take snaps at the position. Surprisingly enough, the Jets finally got their chance to grab one of the best Quarterback prospect in a QB rich draft with the number 3 pick by bringing in Sam Darnold. Sam earned the job right away at the beginning of the season and led the Jets to a huge 48 – 17 win against the Detroit Lions, despite his first drive leading to a pick six. He has had an up and down season, but has been warming up lately finishing his rookie season on a high note. The Jets enter the 2019 season with a whole lot of cap space and a promising young QB, which is plenty of good news for us jets fans who are used to mediocre play in recent years.

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