What to Drink Right Now: Davolarosa Brut Rosé!

       So, as I waited for a snow storm that didn’t appear, it was just rain, I had on hand a lovely rosé sparkling wine from of all places Sicily! One of the most revered grapes in Sicily is Nero d’Avola. Rich, red, and delicious, and so consistently good. It’s no wonder it’s one of Sicily’s most beloved varietals. But I’d never experienced the Nero d’Avola as a sparkling wine or rosé, and I wondered what a lighter, bubbly version of this dark, yummy fruit would taste.

       At news of the first weather report, I thought I’d keep a sparkling wine on hand for mimosas with the snow storm. But I’d been enjoying such wonderful sparkling wines, that I haven’t wanted to add any orange juice.

       The thing was, I knew with a rosé I couldn’t add orange juice, it just doesn’t work, or it hasn’t yet for me, and that’s when I decided I didn’t care.

       I chose instead to be like Marilyn and determined there just isn’t enough room in the glass.

       So once becoming completely comfortable with the idea that I knew was going to drink sparkling wine, in the morning, and call it a mimosa--light on the OJ, I put the Davolarosa Brut Rose in the fridge to chill and waited for the snow. The snow that I mentioned before—never came.

       Now, I had yet another decision to make, was I still going to have the bubbly I planned to enjoy, even though I wasn’t trapped in the house? Heck yeah! And it was so worth it.


       Though I’d never imagine Nero d’Avola as a rosé or as a sparkling wine, it’s wonderful! The nose of the ripe, delicious, red fruit greets you as you approach the glass—it really does. It’s just as vibrant on the palate as it is the nose, but it finishes completely dry with nice minerality and a long finish.

       And my advice to those that have a nice bubbly chilling, and are waiting for a snow storm or a special occasion? Make the moment special. Open the sparkling wine. And, at an average price of only $13, the only real question is, why wait?

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12BY6 Soundz Vol. 3

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