Musical Microscope: BLaCk pARty

Musical Microscope: BLaCk pARty

Am I late to the Black Party? I should be ashamed of myself.

So last night, I was online being nosey searching for new records online and for some odd reason I side tracked my original idea and instead Issa Rae's Insecure HBO show came to mind. Thinking to myself that show was actually pretty good. I began pondering what I liked about it. What stood out the most besides a fresh storyline was the got damn music, it was always something cool playing on a musical front. The scores and musical slection always fit the theme and vibe of the quirky storyline. As my brain started putting that thought to reuqest, I mentally concluded “Damn Issa! You’re stalling on this new season premiere.” Shortly after damning her name, I thought to myself I wonder if she has any undiscovered jams on those compilation records she dropped on the past 3 seasons. First record I played off of the Insecure season 3 compilation album was Manifesto by Overdoz. This record reminds me of early 20s drinking and hitting bars in Midtown, Manhattan.

Now the next record that came on next kind of caught me off gaurd. The record was by an artist called Black Party, titled Summer Love:

 Summer Love · bLAck pARty Insecure: Music from the HBO Original Series, Season 3 ℗ 2016 Wolf & Rothstein Composer: Black Party / Malik Flint

This record’s vibe is really soothing and dope, great introduction or sample in the world of Black Party. I am so late to the party but Mango (first album) and the current release Endless Summer both should be streamed immediately. I strongly suggest starting with “4am In NY” ft. Anajah.

I have attached the video below.

I came across a few more records records by Black Party that i really enjoyed and this pretty solidified him on Musical Microscope. Now I dont know alot about him on a personal level but musically this guy is extremely talented.

The record “Wanderlust” resonated with the Traveler in me and where as “Smoke Break II" caught my attention as I related the record to the long ass day I had at work earlier today. Turns out, Childish Gambino had some writer credits on this song and that just shocked and wowed me!

Thee Childish Gambino, beat me to discovering Black Party (in my head at least) figured he would be too busy writing Atlanta's next season. All in All Black Party is a superb talent and I will be posting much more of his music. Would it be a reach to say he has Steve Lacy vibes talent wise? They could be style brothers in a sense.

Anyways, let’s enjoy the music provided by Black Party.

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