What to Drink Right Now: Querciavalle Vigna Della Capanna Sangiovese Toscana from the Famiglia Losi

       After drinking many different wines, I began to notice certain things about packaging and presentation, and I realized I developed some pre-conceived notions.

      The bottom of most wine bottles are indented. This indent is called a punt. The punt is there to strengthen the bottle. After a bit of research, I found it is there for a few other reasons as well, such as to collect sediment in wines that might have more sediment. For me, a deep punt signaled a higher quality wine bottle and most likely a higher quality wine.


       Then I tried Querciavalle Vigna Della Capanna Sangiovese Toscana from the Famiglia Losi vintage 2015. There is barely a suggestion of a punt, but the wine inside the bottle is fantastic!

       I shared this wine with family and we all agreed, the 100% Sangiovese wine is outstanding. It’s deep red in color, with a wonderful fruity nose. Delicious berry, and fresh red fruit notes blend seamlessly with notes of bittersweet chocolate, mocha, and toast. A lovely, long, and dry finish beckons you to take another sip.

      We enjoyed this wine on its own, and with dark chocolate. It was scrumptious. This wine would also pair wonderfully with pasta and red sauce.

      Online I found the average price to be just around $15, though the vintage I had might be tough to find. If you find this wine in a more recent vintage, I’d definitely give it a try.  

Musical Microscope: BLaCk pARty

Musical Microscope: BLaCk pARty

Culinary Culture:  Pasta Eater

Culinary Culture: Pasta Eater