What to Drink Right Now: El Vinculo 2013!

       I recently had the pleasure of sampling several Tempranillo wines. I loved with the El Vinculo Tempranillo! What surprised me, as I taste wines as blind as possible—I tasted three Tempranillos without looking at the price or tasting notes—was that I loved the least expensive one! I recently did a blind tasting of five California Cabernets and put all five in correct price order. I usually do not love the least expensive wine most.

       I wondered, why is the wine so much less expensive?

       And what makes it taste so good?

       I believe, after doing a little online research and comparing the tasting notes, I found the answer is the same. The Tempranillo grapes, called Cencibel in the La Mancha area, are thicker skinned.

       Thicker skinned grapes are more resistant to rot, fungus, frost, etc. and tend to be heartier. The ability to harvest more grapes explains the lower price. Turns out farming costs in the La Mancha area, where El Vinculo is from, are also lower. Combine that with higher yields and costs are lower.

       Then doing some further research it seems most thicker-skinned grapes, during the winemaking process, impart deeper colors, more robust, longer lasting flavors, more full-bodied wine.

El_Vinculo Crianza Bottle Shot (002).jpg

       Now about that wonderful taste, the El Vinculo 2013 has notes of ripe red and black fruit, mocha and bittersweet chocolate, a bit of tobacco and a little toast. The color is rich and deep dark red. It’s full bodied with a decadent mouth feel and a long exquisite finish.

       But the best finish? The price! At only $19 it is the perfect winter warmer to cuddle up with after work. It can pair easily with your favorite cold weather comfort foods, or with your favorite blanket, furry friend and TV show. No food needed.  

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12BY6: Federica Morra

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