What to Drink Right Now—Ornellaia, That’s Affordable!

       For those familiar with the iconic Italian winery that is Ornellaia, two things most people know is the wine is elegant, layered with different notes, a symphony of flavors in your mouth, lovely soft tannins, ripe fruit and a long delicious finish. Unfortunately, they also know it’s on the higher-end as far as price range with bottles costing in the $300 neighborhood.

       I was thrilled recently to be introduced to another product from Ornellaia that was both affordable and exquisite. Le Volte Dell Ornellaia vintage 2015.  

Ornellaia 2015.jpg

       This beautiful expression of Tuscan terroir is 67% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 13% Sangiovese. The wonderful thing about Ornellaia is that layered flavor; bright red juicy fruits, singing above an earthy base. The finish is classic Ornellaia, long, dry, and begging for another sip, but this one also has a lovely minerality.

     What is Ornellaia’s secret? Is it the diverse soil of the area? The cool maritime breezes in the summer? Or the hills that protect the estate from the cold northern winds? Ornellaia’s secret is Axel Heinz, winemaker at Ornellaia since 2005. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold. But, great news for us, not everything costs as much as gold! In fact, Le Volte Dell Ornellaia vintage 2015 retails at $31.

      So, if you want to taste true wine quality buy a bottle. It’s medium bodied and great with food, especially Italian food of course, but equally yummy without.

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