What to Drink Right Now: Wine with Tacos

What to drink right now—wine with tacos!

       Last Thursday, I had an absolute blast at Thrillist’s Taco Knockout. It was held at Union Park. The Taco Knockout was a competition of unique tacos, prepared by a number of different restaurants. The venue was fun, and the food was scrumptious.  

       My task was two pronged, which is ironic since forks and tacos do not go together. 😊 First, I had to pick my favorite taco. Then, I had to come up with wine pairings that would work with tacos. Full disclosure, I’m a vegetarian, and was only going to try the assortment of vegetarian tacos available. But, knowing this would not be fair, for voting purposes, I brought my carnivorous husband along to sample everything. I figured, I’d pick a winner from the veggie tacos and he’d pick one of the other tacos. I was shocked to find we both voted for the same one!

       We voted for The Impossible Taco from Taco Dumbo. Impossible Meat is vegan and created from plant protein. It looks, smells, and tastes like real meat. The hamburger version of an Impossible Burger actually bleeds. No idea how they do it, but so glad they do. It is delicious.

Taco Dumbo.jpg

       So, the folks at Taco Dumbo created a taco from Impossible Meat (which again, isn’t meat) and it was, by far, the meatiest taco at the competition. They added, on the side, a carrot hot sauce which was delectable. Just the right amount of heat and sweet.

       Now, what wine to drink with this wonderful taco... I found two wines that would definitely compliment the meat, and the spice. Both are from Argentina.   

Empezar Malbec 2017.png

       The first is a medium bodied wine, Empezar Malbec 2017. This wine is rich, with ripe red and dark fruits, and lovely smooth tannins. At just around $12 it’s a great price too.    

gouguenheim 2017.png

       The second wine, Gouguenheim Pinot Noir 2017, is great with food, especially salty or spicy foods. The bright red cherry notes and notes of anise lift the flavors of the food, giving it a wonderful brightness. It’s lighter bodied than the Malbec, but with just as many layered flavors. With an average price of just $11, it’s a great wine to have on hand for a variety of meals.   

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