L'omari : Hip Hop New Rising Star

L'omari : Hip Hop New Rising Star


Born in Qatar, Lomari is one the hottest up-and-coming artists in the hip hop game. Knocking on the door to super stardom he shares how he fell in love with Hip Hop and music. L’omari recalls trips to Toys R Us with his father and brothers. While his brothers would pick out cars and toy guns, a young L’omari wanted instruments. In fact it is was a Casio piano that sparked his passion for music as he states “I knew I had the love and infatuation with melodies”.

At seven years old L’omari moved to Toronto, it was there that the young musician discovered the rap game. Crediting his older brother for putting him on; L’omari grew up listening to hip hop icons such as  Tupac and Snoop Dogg. Writing his first rhyme at 13, L’omari performed for his friends. Remembering the moment with a childlike enthusiasm as he rapped his first lyric “That shit was dope! Keep writing more and that gave me confidence to write more.” L’omari knew he couldn’t stop, that his talent would soon take him place that would change his life.


With years of making music on an international level L’omari knew he had to conquer his dreams, With that thought he began making moves in preparation to leave his home and move stateside. The Qatar native began his state side journey in Miami, a choice he says was an easy one . “I love the lifestyle, its similar to what I’m used to” the familiarity and comfort made Miami the perfect location for L’omari to start his ascent on the mountain of hip hop. L’omari did not come to the United States waiting for opportunities, he created them. As he states, “I built a whole a team in Miami.” With that team and determination he founded  BidWin Music group. The name of the group is a play on words to his Arabic routes “Bedouin” means an original Arab from the desert. L’omari states “I’m a Bedouin, all I do is bid and win when I play.” His heritage, pride and style is what led him to create the label.


Although he is miles away from home L’omari always keeps his culture and faith in the forefront of his art. L’omari states “I’m the only person to do it out of Qatar” when referring to carrying his nation on his back musically, it is this sense of national pride that led him to create his song “Glorious”. The Uplifting song is meant to be used as a Patriotic Anthem for his homeland. The track integrates his countries national anthem in the song with a boy singing the word “qasaman” passionately throughout it;  which means “swear to god” and is the beginning words of the Qatar national anthem.


Trying to break into the hip-hop game is a difficult challenge and that is no exception to L’omari especially being a pioneer as an Arabic artist. He has taken those challenges and obstacles in stride stating “nobody has ever heard of people doing it from Qatar…. maybe he’s just another sound cloud rapper” believing in himself and staying true to his art is what turned skeptics into fans. Although L’omari has the talent he understands that talent is only half the battle. The Qatar native tributes his work ethic and drive to his success “I’m always making things happen…. I didn’t move out here to have a good time, I’m on a mission.” It is dedication like this that will propel L’omari to the top of the Hip-Hop game.

“I’m not doing this for money, I’m not doing this for fame, I already had the bag before I came into the game. I’m doing this to leave a mark for my people and people that want to pursue their dreams and better their lives.” L’omari states so passionately. It is worth more to L’omari than money, cars, women and all the things the material tic things that come with fame.

Suffering a life-threatening heart attack three years ago is what fuels L’omari’s drive, he states “I’ve seen death… I believe I’m here for a purpose, god has given me these tools for a purpose to do good and change people’s lives.” L’omari understands that his mission is bigger than anything and it is what helps the BidWin founder stay the path and continue to work.

L’omari is true to his roots, his faith and his artistry. It is this authenticity paired with amazing talent that has put L’omari on a meteoric rise to prominence. With his new single “BidWIn” set to drop in the summer of 2019 and an EP to follow,  you will be hearing a lot of L’omari as he looks to leave his mark on the world with his uplifting and impact music.

In the meantime, check out L’omari dope freestyle over J. Cole’s “middle child”.

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