What to Drink Right Now: Piper Rosé Sauvage!

       I mentioned we’d be talking about Piper again, and what’s better than bubbles? Pink bubbles of course!

Piper Rose.jpg

       The iconic Piper Champagne also offers a rosé, and it is fabulous. It is rich with berry flavors, especially strawberry, and finishes with a lovely spiciness. My favorite aspect of all the Piper Champagnes are that the flavors are pronounced, while the champagne remains elegant. It has wonderful structure. It isn’t just good Champagne, it’s great wine.

      This blend of 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier and 15% Chardonnay has an eye-catching red tint, most definitely more a light red than pink. 

       While the colors and flavors are unique, and it is absolutely wonderful to drink on its own, it does not compete with food, and drinks well with any number of dishes. It can pair as easily with barbeque as more refined dishes such as chicken or fish.


       Piper Rosé Sauvage retails at $60 and is worth every penny.

      When Piper Cellar Master Emilien Boutillat, pictured above, said, “You can enjoy every day of your life with Piper.” I had to agree, especially when drinking this wine.

       Read more about Emilien and Piper here: http://www.12by6.com/culture/2019/6/26/what-to-drink-right-nowpiper-champagne

       I have one more Piper to share with you, but that will have to wait. Next week my column will be on grab and go libations; perfect for barbeques, picnics, days on the boat, or beach, and outside summer concerts.  

12BY6 sits down with Pet Sematary star "Jeté Laurence"

12BY6 sits down with Pet Sematary star "Jeté Laurence"

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