What to Drink Right Now! More Fun from Mionetto!

      I love bubbles and Mionetto Prosecco has long been one of my favorites for consistently yummy and affordable sparkling wine. I was recently lucky enough to sample three of their new wines.  The best part of these new bubbles, is that they are affordable enough to pop open any day!

       The packaging on the first two, while eye-catching, it’s rather difficult to find the Mionetto name on the bottle. Knowing the stellar reputation Mionetto has for prosecco, having the Mionetto name a bit easier to find would be helpful to consumers. 

Il Prosecco.png

       The first, Il Prosecco, is a little bit of a departure from the classic Mionetto in that is has more notes of fruit, peach and apricot, and lovely honeysuckle. Still dry, clean and crisp, but lively and fun. What’s even more fun is the average price is just around $12 but can be found some places closer to $10. Great for summer parties, or just an afternoon by the pool.

Il Moscatto.png

       The second was a wine that truly surprised me. Il Moscato is wonderfully delicious, packed with flavor and definitely not overly sweet. Again, flavors of apricot and peach are present, along with tropical flavors and citrus notes. A light, crisp finish makes this sparkler uniquely appealing. If you usually shy away from moscatto because of it being too sweet, this is the one that might change your mind.

Mionetto Rose.jpg

       Saving the absolute best for last, Mionetto Rose is fabulous. A beautiful deep pink color, a fruity nose, and strawberry, shortbread and baking spice notes on the palate make this deliciously dry prosecco a perfect gem. Lively bubbles, an appealing body, and an equally appealing price of approximately $14 this is a bubbly that’s just too yummy not to keep on hand.

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