What to Drink Right Now: Three Italian Whites That Aren’t Pinot Grigio!

       When most people think of Italian white wine Pinot Grigio often comes to mind first. And it’s no wonder. Pinot Grigio is widely popular. In fact, when popular wines are discussed Pinot Grigio is always among the top varietals. But Italy has many other lovely varietals that are intriguing and delectable and so worth trying! Here are three top picks for summer drinking.

Pinot Bianco.jpg

       Let’s start with Terra Alpina’s Pinot Bianco. This wine has notes of honeysuckle, apricot and peach. It’s fruity, floral, soft, dry, light yet luscious. This wine pairs beautifully with seafood, salads, fruits and summer soups. This elegant wine also drinks beautifully alone. With an average price of only $12 it’s the perfect wine to stock up on.  

Il Pumo.png

       Next, fresh and lively, the Il Pumo Sauvignon-Malvasia blend. Delightfully tropical and citrus notes dominate the nose and the palate on this bright and fun wine. This is a great wine for daytime sipping by the pool or at the beach, or to bring to picnics and other types of outdoor activities. Retailing at $8.99 it’s more than just an alternative option to Pinot Grigio, it’s an absolute must have.

Citra 17.jpg

       Another wine I must also mention is Citra Trebbiano D’Abruzzo 2017. Like the wines above, this wine is also fresh, also fruity, and dry, and though the vintage is older, it tastes like a younger wine. The flavors are a bit more subdued than the other two wines, but pairs beautifully with fish, light pasta dishes, salads and is another refreshing option for enjoying al fresco. At only $10 it’s worth it to have a few on hand ready to grab and go to outdoor events.


       Lastly, Pecorino La Valentina 2017. This lovely Italian white has notes of tropical fruit balanced with wonderful, yet delicate, acidity. This is the perfect complement for fish and appetizers. This wine retails now for $16.


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