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Wale's Intricate Vegeta Complex (The Desire for Greatness)

The wickedness of wordplay Wale is back, Rap-Murica! And he's back with a few complications from his major label exit. Wale clearly has something to prove. Over the years, I noticed similarities proving Wale resonates personality-wise with DBZ/DBS own Vegeta. His determination is the driving force to his greatness. Find out how I connect these two strangers in a DNA binding formula. Rap meets DBZ. The Power In Words = The Power in Saiyans. Get it?


TYGA - Kyoto Tape.

Tyga quietly re-entered the music scene back from his visit to Japan's inner city Kyoto. Tyga hasn't had a tape this good since the Black Thoughts series. His new tape Kyoto proves Tyga's musical maturity and his perfectly solidified ground since his Cash Money departure. This Tape is better than you think.