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Nipsey Hussle Tha Great was a true different character than the hip hop world was used to and it shows through out his career.

Nipsey Hussle the Great was indeed a prolific soul for a multitude or reasons. Nip's talent and high level intellect for his age, background and from his community is a rare sight. He thought different. He used Rap as a medium to push a larger plan for himself and those around him including the South Central L.A. community. Nipsey Hussle wanted to build up the notoriously negative neighborhood (Crenshaw + Slauson) that he grew up in and create positive opportunities that would provide jobs and fair chances for those within his community. 


Nipsey Hussle was inspirational in multiple ways all in which he would sacrifice his own to push forward an agenda whether in music or within his community. Nip was the first artist to offer to sell a mixtape "Crenshaw" for a $100 a tape. Where he successfully sold 1000 copies proving that an independent can prosper without a major label support. Nipsey made a grand total $100,000 off his marketing plan. Nipsey succeeding with this business strategy and musical confidence doubled down musically. A year after he followed up with Mailbox Money and offered this Mixtape for $1,000 per copy which its confirmed he sold 60 copies out of a pressed out 100 copies. In total that's $160,000 gain with no major label support. These business tactics and marketing foresight, gained mass attention through all media outlets on a nation level. Imagine being an A&R at this time, picture record labels thriving off the youth's talents and lack of business understanding using advances to sway artists in return for their musical servitude. But here comes this L.A. upstart proving he can do it alone. Imagine offering him a "lucrative" deal but instead he turns it down and ask for equity in place of an cash advance?


That was Nipsey Hussle.

& Hussle did it his way.

This was the inspiration and leadership people like myself have sought after when hearing the music and seeing his vision. 

Nipsey was a rarity, who's genius was cut short due what appears to be gang violence. Many like me don't believe what the news is spoon feeding and we believe his untimely murder was for a larger reason as unfortunate as that is. Nipsey Hussle, a former gang banger yes but this special individual was bigger than all of these binding titles the world gave him. He's the first in decades to bridge the Bloods, Crips and Eses in Los Angeles to work towards a unified future of positivity and economic growth. Nipsey Hussle gave the power to the people from the knowledge he has acquired through out life and wanted to show a way out of what has been a infinite cycle of hardship in our communities.


 Everybody loved, respected and adore Nipsey. You can tell he was loved immensely by the fans, his collaborators, his friends within music and his hometown friends, and all his affiliates even casual listeners and rival gang members.  You have to admire who this man was and what represented as a human before anything else. There has never been another rapper mourned as much as Nipsey Hussle except maybe the legendary Biggie Smalls… His impact has had an immediate effect all over the world. I pray for his family, his soul and hope god shows him how Great he truly has been to this world…



We love and miss you man. ✊🏾

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