Are You A Successful Loser?

Are You A Successful Loser?

Each of us is succeeding in this world. I hear the murmuring. Mansu you’re an idealist. You’re living in a fantasy world. Bruh, you need rest. This guy’s a bozo. He’s trying to get more page views. But, listen have you noticed when repeating a specific process a particular result ensues?

The commitment translates into a positive or negative win, ultimately determining happiness or unhappiness. Unfortunately, we have a majority of people living angry, unhappy lives. These people dedicate their lives to listening and following the paths of unsuccessful individuals. You know, the ones excelling in continuous bad decision-making, negative emotions and blaming. It’s a grand display of a superior work ethic.

Consistently putting these thoughts into action is very empowering. It’s so powerful that it causes hair loss, heart problems, worry, headaches and a loss of self-respect. And the Mentees loyalty to the Mentor’s success path can open up more benefits and advantages. Rewards leading to unemployment because of a poor attitude. Then, anger filled job searching, tho you claim, money is the root of all evil. And engaging in unhealthy addictive behaviors to mask an unfulfilling life. If you don’t want to be a successful loser, then gradually adopt winning habits. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Begin with thinking correctly by choosing positive thoughts and acting on them. The negative thoughts are rebellious and are going to attempt a coup.

I recommend reading self-help and entrepreneurial books because positive words flush out most of the defeatist thoughts. Reading saved my life. It helped me contend with mediocre living, negative influences and poor self-esteem. Once I became empowered, then, my ambition began to grow. Suddenly, I wanted to change my condition and take on numerous pursuits. Two books that can help you along your quest are Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and Relentless by Tim S. Grover. These stories are inspirational because it magnifies the mindset and drive necessary in achieving goals.

Relentless  by Tim S. Grover

Relentless by Tim S. Grover

Phil Knight, Dwyane Wade, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant singularly focused on winning. Obstacles didn’t deter them from their conquest. You have to keep going. The journey won’t be glorious. You’ll be frustrated, angry, and disenchanted. Guess what? The treasures for your sacrifice and determination are waiting for you. Will you give up or keep going? Remember, you run the show which we call “life”.

Shoe Dog  by Phil Knight

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Don’t allow negative thoughts or people to control your life. Become domineering with the insidious and lazy thoughts. You’re the dictator. You’re the leader. You’re the shot-caller. Listen to this, you can win the battle, but, you cannot permanently destroy every seed of negativity. These thoughts are crafty, cunning liars wanting you to stay stuck in the past. If you slip up, cool, it’s not about perfectionism, don’t get frustrated and don’t give up, continue to exert willpower in selecting the right thoughts.


Be assertive with people attempting to pull you away from potential prosperity. You don’t need them. After reading this article, they’ll probably say, “Mansu thinks he’s a psychologist, he’s just an unknown blogger, what does he know?”. “Mansu, lives a perfect life, what is he a saint or something?”.

I’ve made blunders along my journey and I will continue to do so. I remember meeting a nice looking Sista on the train. We became friends. She was genuine and real cool. One day we were talking on BBM messenger. She says, “I miss you”. I didn’t want her thinking I was thirsty or desperate. I ignored it and continued the conversation. Poor decision. Conclusion, I never heard from her again. I blame myself for following dating advice on a website. And come to think about it we were only friends. Hey, lesson learned.  But, this didn’t stop me from meeting new women and establishing friendships.

Another example: I’m ready to direct my first short film, Texting In New York City. I buy pizza and bottled water for the cast and crew. Only 3 people show up. I was very upset and wanted to quit. But I didn’t. I kept going. I re-cast and completed my short film. I have to reiterate this point: keep taking positive action. This is a must. We create change by reading and doing. Some through observation and doing.


Nonetheless, this is a win. Unlike the negative action steps, this produces positive emotion and self-esteem. Create goals. What do you want to achieve? How can you accomplish it? Write solutions. If you’re wrong, then eliminate and brainstorm new ideas. Write it down. Also, exercise and pray. Both practices helped to keep my sanity and focus in check. So, now you’re on the correct path. Please take time to rest and recharge. And like most motivational speakers say, reward yourself for small and large successes. 

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