Are Your Dreams Worth Pursuing?


Rick: Yes, absolutely.

Troy: No they're not.

Wendy: Maybe.

It's five years later on this dream quest. Rick is seriously tired. It’s taking too long King. I know God gave me the vision and talent. The doubts are making a lot of sense. What if I’m wasting my time striving to become an A-list actor?


I’m thinking about building a production company, so I can hire, shoot, produce and direct my own films. How will I get funding? What if the company dissolves in three years? You know what? I’m packing up my tent. 

All I’ve seen are slivers of success and calamitous obstacles with this acting thing. I can imagine the size of the speed bumps waiting along the path of my production company vision. I’m done chasing this entertainment dream. The money’s arriving slowly.

I mean, it’s coming in small increments. And the inconsistency is killing me. Acting has its slow periods man. I have to take on a variety of odd jobs to survive. I just can’t do it anymore. My rent and student loan bills are more consistent. The path is lonely. Most of my friends left me. Oh yeah and I almost forgot, I don’t have much in common with the remaining ones.

I can’t just get with any woman. Your boy, Rick actually has standards now. I waver sometimes. Don’t judge me, King. I’m also missing out on parties and family events. Your man is finished. Done. I made the wrong decision. You sure did Rick. See, I’m so glad I listened to my Father. When I was a kid, he said, “Troy dreams don’t always happen, but life does”.

I didn’t understand it then. But, now I do. What if Rick doesn’t make a dime from acting in December? He can’t tell the landlord, “I can’t pay this month’s rent because work’s been slow and I’m chasing my dreams”. C’mon, let’s be real. I mean, my job is ok, but, hey at least I’m guaranteed a roof over my head.

Even though my job isn’t great, my co-workers and I drink it up after work at the bar and shoot the breeze, you know, talk sports and women. By the way, these athletes are so overpaid. They’re paid millions of dollars to play a kid’s game. Dribble, shoot and pass. That’s all they do.


And they need millions of dollars to do that? Boy, but getting getting back to the women they’re looking real nice in this warm weather. And Rick, these women don’t care about your ambition and dreams. How many places can you take her to that will accept ambition and dreams?


You damn sure can’t take her to a restaurant because they want money. I wish you could pay for shrimp and lobster with talent. I’d quit my job today and start drawing again. Rick and Troy thank you for giving I, Wendy, another perspective on chasing my dreams.


I’ve had this dichotomy for five to ten years about having my own line of panties. It’s been nagging me. I don’t have any business-minded friends. I love them, but I don’t want my goal fracturing my relationships. I don’t want to be another Rick. And I’m not trying to be callous towards you. I hope you understand.

Mansu’s two cents: The stories above are fictional. I can’t tell you what to do. Neither can anyone else. Life is unpredictable and strange. I believe every person should pursue their dreams. Don’t hate on athletes or anyone else making millions or billions from their craft.

They dedicated themselves to play on this level.  Have you ever wondered why God would give us talents and visions to lay dormant within us? It doesn’t make sense. Our talents are bestowed upon us by God to change the world and our family’s condition.


And if you refuse to use your gifts you will be haunted. I don’t care how much you hang out, drink, smoke, eat, sleep around or whatever. Even a job can’t save you from suffering. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying to not to get a job, you need money to function in this world and to fund your dreams. Get your coins).

Never turn your back on your talents. I did. I thought I could replace it with work, hanging out, and chasing women. My spirit didn’t allow me to have peace until I began using God’s gifts.

There are always sad accounts of immensely talented people not pursuing God-given talents to take them to the next level of life. Watch out for the distractions and traps. That goes for me too.

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