Hip-Hop's Hokage: Ace Hashimoto

Hip-Hop's Hokage: Ace Hashimoto

There aren't many artists today who can fully embrace the difference of character that they represent and wholly embody. Familiar names come to mind like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Mac Miller, and J. Cole, but seemingly everyone else is just doing what they have to do to fit in, but the truly great ones effortlessly stand out.

Because of that, one of my personal favorites has to be rapper/producer/artistic genius, Brandun Deshay. He's an artist who deserves all the recognition that the previously mentioned have gained thus far. One of the strongest qualities of Deshay has is he is fully aware and accepting of who he is and what he represents. As a producer, whether its sampling legendary games like Chrono Trigger or rhyming on tracks with Naruto and Dragon Ball Z references, this guy is something special.

Battle tested like the warriors he references in his music catalog, he's proven that he can hold his own in the "Rap Ring" as he won skirmishes with Odd Future Leader, Tyler, the Creator. He proved to be dope before this moment in music history. It evolved his character and he hasn't stopped ever since. From the Vol. Tapes to All Day DeShay: AM, and now we're on the goldUN Child saga.

You Fool This Isn't Even My Final Form!

The key to the success of Brandun Deshay - or Ace Hashimoto if you want to refer to his moniker - is adaptability. How a youthful African American artist effortlessly appeals to the North American region and the Entire Asian culture, is quite the feat for an emerging artist. Where else can you hear Inuyasha referenced in rap?
The things he mentions in these separate cultures are just different from what you hear today in Hip-Hop and he easily ties it all together.

I call him the Hip-Hop "Hokage" because he's the pioneer of the Chicago youth movement. He produced Chance The Rapper's "NaNa", Dom Kennedy's "Locals Only", and Danny Brown's "Radio Song". He has also worked with artists such as SZA and Curren$y. So why don't the masses know "All Day" Deshay?

The first goldUN Child album was a wicked piece of work but with goldUN Child 2, he clearly brought his Super Saiyan god flow out. Off the album, "Wait", "Truss Mi", "Throwed", "Relationship Goals" and "Gomen Nasai" will be clear cut fan favorites. The track "Relationship Goals" ft. CHO, produced by the OG Bobby Johnson, stands out with the potential to be a chart breaking single. It's funny, I could see Kehlahi and Justin Beiber remix this if it gains enough traction.
A lot is different with goldUN Child 2: his flow is a lot more purposeful and driven, and he's out to prove a point. He's always been a great rapper and we already know he's a dope producer, but there's more to this tape than seeking cool points. He's on a mission. Every record on GC2 has Billboard appeal. I think Deshay has finally found a way to broadcast his message on a grand scale.


Who Is Ace Hashimoto?

That's a tough question to answer, but if "Wakaru" was a glimpse of this new final form, then the Hip Hop game is in for some serious competition. He doesn't need to prove himself any longer because all of your Hip-Hop favorites respect his craft. goldUN Child 2 is chapter 1 of Ace Hashimoto. It's a given that the Brandun Deshay era is over and this is who was spurned from the cocoon of growth. 

goldUN Child 2 is out now! Make it your business to get acclimated with the new character that is Ace Hashimoto. 

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