J. Rosa Vs Vegas (AFC Conference)

J. Rosa Vs Vegas (AFC Conference)

We are in the dogs days of the summer. That means the football season is quickly approaching. Football is the most popular sport in America. Maybe because of fantasy football, maybe because of the non stop action. Either way, it is also one of the most highly betted sport in the country. Billions of dollars are gambled each year on games. Yes, you read correctly, I wrote BILLIONS. Throughout the season I will be writing a weekly column picking games against the spread. So before the season starts these are my picks for the NFL season. Hold me to it (barring any major injuries).

Buffalo Bills O/U 8.0 games

This was a tough one because I like the team but not the coach. They have a legit roster but I'm going UNDER 7-9.

Miami Dolphins O/U 7.0 games

They signed Arian Foster, Mario Williams, and other older veterans. With new coach Adam Gase, I think it will help the progression of Ryan Tannehill. It's going to be real close. I say OVER. 8-8.

New England Patriots O/U 10.5 games.

Even with Brady out the first four games of the season, it doesn't change the outcome. Business as usual. OVER 11-5.

New York Jets O/U 8 games

Talk about a stacked roster. On both sides of the ball you have great talents (Except at QB). The Jets just signed Ryan Fitzpatrick and they only need him to be serviceable to win. I just don't see it happening. PUSH 8-8.

Baltimore Ravens O/U 8.5 games

Health was the issue last year for the Ravens. With the team healthy again, I see a bounce back season. OVER 9-7.

Cincinnati Bengals O/U 9.5 games 

The Bengals have been knocking on the door for years. Eventually the opportunity to win will end. I believe we see a regression next season. UNDER, 9-7.

Cleveland O/U 4.5 games

Nothing to see here. UNDER 3-13.

Pittsburgh Steelers O/U 10.5 games

They have a great offense with Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell, and Big Ben. They'd be more dangerous if Martavoius Bryant was playing this season, and not suspended. A step forward this year but UNDER 10-6.

Houston Texans O/U 8.5 games

The Texans added Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller. With the emergence of DeAndre Hopkins as a legit number one WR and with J.J. Watt leading the defense, the Texans make a great contender for the AFC South Division. OVER 9-7.

Indianapolis Colts O/U 9.5 games

It was a rough year with injuries when Andrew Luck missed a majority of the season with a medley of injuries. The main injury being a lacerated kidney. The Colts go as far as Andrew Luck takes them. I expect a big year from Luck. OVER 10-6.

Jacksonville Jaguars O/U 7.5 games

The Jaguars are on the right track. They have a great young core, both on offense and defense. Blake Bortles looks like he is in the process of becoming a franchise QB. I like what they are doing in Jacksonville, but I believe they are one year away from making some noise in the NFL. UNDER 7-9.

Tennessee Titans O/U 5.5 games

The young QB, Mariota. I saw star potential in him since his days at Oregon. The running game should be better with the signing of Demarco Muarry and drafting of Derick Henry. The Titans are still rebuilding. UNDER 5-11.

Denver Broncos O/U 9 games

The reigning Superbowl Champs. No more Peyton Manning, as well as some losses on the defensive side of the ball. I see a regression by the Champs. Mark Sanchez and two rookie QBs will be too much to overcome. UNDER 8-8.

Kansas City Chiefs O/U 9.5 games

Andy Reid is the definition of consistency, and it trickles down to his QB. Alex Smith does everything right. He doesn't gamble and he makes the right play. With Jamaal Charles back and a steady defense, the Chiefs will get the edge in the AFC West. OVER 10-6.

Oakland Raiders O/U 8 games

The Raiders may be one of the funnest teams to watch this year, with a young offense and a young defense. I expect Carr to make a jump as a franchise QB. Plus, Amari Copper will only get better. OVER 9-7.

San Diego Chargers O/U 7 games


Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen are probably the only good points of this team. They need a big season from their last year number one, pick Melvin Gordon. UNDER 5-11.


NFC coming soon...

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