Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

 Lone Wolf

Don’t tell me they don’t exist.

The psychological profiles are hard to miss.

Domestic leaders act ignorantly bliss.

I celebrate calling a spade, a spade.

Why can't they be a terrorist?

Shameful fame travels beyond the name.

Creating legions of fans and foes even when some know it’s wrong.

Forcing others to sing depressing songs.

Howls in the wind won’t gain favor.

Bloody pews won’t make me see your idea later.

Why receive safekeeping when they don’t care?

If it comes to looting life, why think they did something right?

As if entitled to fight.

Hoping that others will co-sign the feverish fright.

Afraid of people’s rights?

Scared of retribution?

A mutiny was the solution.

Or the dissolution of civilian’s light.

Make their skin the brightest in the dark night.

Wanting to be the teacher.

But the lesson is in session.

The time has come.

Terrorist’ accountability will be won.

White Supremacy should be shunned.

But the White War hasn’t really begun.

Just battles played out between the loser’s sums.

Painting the streets with guns.

Blasting a message with bombs.

Spreading chemicals to engineer contagious harm.

Why aren’t more people alarmed?

There’s a problem inside of humanity’s farm.

It’s not just that they were bullied or misfits.

Assumptions fly that the guy must be shy, but damaged.

Even though it’s managed just fine when it comes to destroying innocent lives.

Misguided, the violence stings even when you understand the meaning.

The birth of this nation is guided by sudden feedings.

Death, theft, and gluttony are what they know.

It goes to show how fearful we are of the land.

Yet it looks like a cover-up is a major plan.

These lone wolves act like they are part of a team.

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