The Modern Day "Astronaut" Memoir

The Modern Day "Astronaut" Memoir

As a kid, I always dreamed of being an astronaut. I am not quite sure why. Maybe it was the fact that it was like being a superhero... Flying...

Effortlessly traveling into the unknown...

Touring new lands and exploring what you only see on TV.

As time went on, and I grew to be a less imaginative human adult, I didn't become an astronaut needless to say.


I became just like you, normal.




I reached more for a corporate job than for a life changing one. The only travel I knew was living vicariously through the food network and the travel channel on my cable box (Lol pretty sad, huh?). 

One day about 5 years ago, I decided I wanted to see the world the way I viewed it as a child. 


Nothing is impossible. Nothing is too hard to reach. 

If you think imagine it you can make it happen.

I started believing in more of what I can do and giving less thought of what I can't.


Because think about it, who cares what you can't do anyway right?


I saved up some coins and I booked my first flight ever, with my friend Jusdale, to Puerto Rico (his home land.). And we stayed in San Juan. AND let me tell you, it was the best experience ever.

I, for the first time ever, had invested into the little kid in me rather than the adult that tells me to live life regular. To recursions, new cuisine, new cultures, the appreciation that comes with it.


I knew during this trip , things would be different going forward. I had to travel again. I became an addict. It became a yearly necessary like paying taxes.

Traveling is essential. 

I found so much of my self in a foreign land. I gave myself time to think.


Living in New York, everything is so fast pace. I grew up in the fast lane so to speak...

Learning about myself and the world, in my own way and in my own pace, is a really great feeling.


Now at the age of 26, I've been focusing on what I call getting my "passport tatted".


  • Been to Puerto Rico twice since then. I even watched the Superbowl over there and I bought the whole bar drinks (Go Patriots!)
  • Been to Las Vegas twice as well (Club Crawls are super Lit!).
  • Been to Dominican Republic twice.
  • Was arrested in Sosua with Jusdale too, we were innocent (lol I'll save that story for another day).
  • Been to Miami, Dallas, Mexico ,Jamaica and Canada as well.
  • I booked Brazil this earlier this year, in March, but the Zika Virus made me reconsider. So I decided with DR instead... :(


Right now my goals with traveling are pretty ambitious. 

I want to...

  • Own a resort then if possible a resort chain. 
  • To star in my own a Travel TV Show 
  • Host semi annual travel parties!!!


But back to the basic... traveling!


I encourage everyone to do it.

Conquer the fear.

Break the barrier of comfortability.

Take the world by storm and see what your missing.



                     Let's do it together.



This is only the beginning...



- Jared Bryant/Ciello.

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