The Most Controversial Concert Tees Ever

The Most Controversial Concert Tees Ever

You can find an array of concert merchandise out there. Band merchandising is so popular with concert goers and has been so for years. The reason behind that is because there is plenty to be bought. Concert tees have come in many designs and messages, in fact, a good concert tee can even inspire, but there are some concert tees that have missed the mark or have become the most controversial concert tees ever. The following is a list of these:


5. JAY Z

"Occupy All Streets" T-Shirt

The most controversial part of this tee is that in late 2011, Hova put this $22 shirt for sale through his Rocawear website. People said that the proceeds were going Occupy Wall Street protestors, but the donations were never used for the cause. They were recieved by people behind the company.



4. Rob Zombie

"Give Me Head Until I'm Dead" T-Shirt

There is something devious about the design of a Rob Zombie t-shirt. Though it has been proven time and time again that Rob Zombie has made a mockery of metal design and wanted to stick it in our faces. The best kept secret is that Rob Zombie has a weird sense of humor as well as smart and very creative. The shirt ends in question. Is the t shirt which shows an inappropriate humor? Which may be a little scary or offensive for some.



3. Deftones

"Kitten" T-Shirt

This may seem cute rather than odd or offensive, although coming from a band like Deftones, it is very odd. As if it wasn't clear,  Deftones are an alternative metal band and metal bands are not known for the kindness they seem to be suggesting in this message to their fans. They adorn their concert tee with the image of an adorable kitten splashed on their shirt which is very not metal. The release of this shirt, it made a lot of fans scratch their heads.



2. Metallica

"Metal Up Your Ass" T-Shirt

A little tidbit about this shirt, Metallica first used the phrase “Metal Up Your Ass” as the name for their 1982 live demo recording when original guitarist Dave Mustaine was in the band. It was taken from a drawing by Stephen Gorman. It was meant to be used for another album, but it was denied by their record company because it showed the image of a filthy toilet with a blade positioned in exactly the middle of the rear which can cause some trouble. it’s was Metallica's late bassist Cliff Burton who used a controversial phrase that caused another shirt design and the saying "Metal Up Ass!"                                        



1. The Misfits

"John F. Kennedy" T-Shirt

This shirt is very morbid and considered very tasteless because the shirt is strange and makes account of the actual assassination of a U.S. president, in this case, John F. Kennedy. It was hated by many since it poked fun at JFK. He is on the shirt, and it’s best to not wear this at all.             


This is just a small list of controversial concert tees. There are still a lot to be mentioned. Whenever you have the chance browse at other controversial tees online, so you can learn about their backstories because It is those backstories that enrich the tale.


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