On Fire On Ice: Week 4

On Fire On Ice: Week 4



On Fire: Cam Newton @ Atlanta Falcons


Although Cam Newton is coming off a multi-interception game against one of the league's top defenses, I still see Cam and the Panthers turning things around. A division rivalry is always hard to call, but I can see Killa Cam going out there and scoring early. Cam should finish with a couple of Touchdown passes and a rushing TD, as usual, to continue being one of the most versatile QBs to own in your fantasy league.


On Ice: Jameis Winston vs Denver Broncos



We’ve already seen what happens when this young stud faces a good defense: 4 interceptions. Now, I’m not saying he’ll repeat that horrible performance, but when you’re facing a defense as stacked as the Broncos', it’s a little difficult to get things going. Jameis will have all season to shine, but just for this week, you might want to consider looking elsewhere for production at QB.



On Fire: Le’veon Bell vs Kansas City Chiefs


He’s finally back! Arguably one of the best backs in the league (when on the field), Bell will look to have a big game right out of the gate at home against the Chiefs. It’s a prime time game tonight and I expect him to get featured. Despite him being out for the first 3 weeks, due to suspension, Bell managed to stay in tip top shape and should have fresh legs to run all over that Kansas City defense. I anticipate him giving your team an abundance of points on the ground as well as in the air.


On Ice: Miami Dolphins’ backfield @ Cincinnati Bengals


Arian Foster is out, so the Dolphins are planning on having a committee approach which means they have no liable fantasy option at RB. It's pretty hard to say who is going to get the bulk of the carries and it's hard to get hot when you’re splitting reps with three other players. Jay Ayai had the chance to command the lion’s share of the carries, but was unable to do much last week when given the opportunity. In any case, I would always advise to stay away from committees as it will not end well for your fantasy team.



On Fire: Terrelle Pryor @ Washington Redskins

What he did last week is very hard to repeat, getting numbers on every offensive stat line. However, I’m sure his performance opened the eyes and maybe even extended the Cleveland Browns playbook after seeing Pryor being an all purpose athleteon the field. Im not sure how he’s going to get his points this week, obviously mostly in the air, but look for Cleveland to feature Pryor in many different ways on Sunday. At the very least, hes worth a flex play.


On Ice: Doug Baldwin @ New York Jets

Facing a strong Jets defense (even with Revis not playing up to par) I can't see the Seahawks getting it going this Sunday. If he plays, Russell Wilson will be playing hurt. Russell Wilson is great at extending plays and as of last season, Baldwin had emerged as Wilson's favorite target making him at least a top 15 WR. Baldwin should be good this season, but he needs a healthy Russell Wilson to be relevant. Keep Baldwin on ice for this week.



On Fire: Jason Witten @ San Francisco 49ers

With Dez Bryant out this week due to a hairline fracture, rookie QB Dak Prescott will look to find Jason Witten as a safety blanket. In week 1 against the Giants, Witten hauled in 9 catches on 14 targets. Since then, Prescott has been spreading the ball but with his best receiver out, it's safe to assume that this is where the targets will end up. Start Witten with confidence this week as he should be on fire.


On Ice: Jimmy Graham @ New York Jets

Ok, let's get past the strong defense and the hurt quarterback on this one. We’ve all been waiting for that New Orleans Jimmy Graham to show up. Two seasons later he finally showed face! So why is he on ice, you may ask? There’s only one thing missing: consistency. Anybody can go off and have a good game, but it's hard to do that week in and week out. We’ve seen him as a top tight end before, but keep Jimmy on ice till he can get a little streak of good games put together.

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