August 5th was the premiere of the infamous, highly coveted, supposedly best movie of the year. If you let the hype beast, nerds, and internet junkies tell it, you've probably fell victim to the hype train long before the movie comes out just like we did.

As always, the standard still stands with this movie genre: The comic book lovers vs. the  uneducated (in a comic-storyline sense) masses. The war continues over what films are actually good enough to represent the highly respected comics they are derived from. Lets put things into perspective for DC and Marvel lovers alike. Marvel clearly has the winning formula. Using B-List characters and boosting them into Hollywood Gold (no pun intended).

As a marvel fan (yes, I said it  I am a Marvel fan), I knew the train of DC movie failures could possibly come to a stop with Suicide Squad. The promotion, the characters, the Batman teaser, had the recipe to be stunning success. I felt this could be a smart move for the DCCU.

(DCCU = DC Comics Cinematic Universe for clarification purposes)

If DC were to stick to the dark, grimy, and ruthless feel that the previous Batman movies contained, it would of worked so well with these characters. Also, Marvel has never once used a team of villains as leads for a movie. That's why it was DC comic's smartest idea. If only the execution was as smart as the ideas. I guess the thing about potential is either you live up to it or you don't

Before we delve into the "oohs" and "ahhs" of the not quite so legendary performance of the Suicide Squad cast, let's look at what started the hype to begin with:

Jared Leto donning the deadly Joker role. 

How often do we wish for a classic Hollywood good guy to play a notorious bad ass villain role. 

(Feel free to insert Heath Ledger comparisons)

Based on promotion, this Joker should of faced off against a gang of bad ass villains. That would've been the perfect test to see how bad The Joker really is. Here i am with another defining moment that could have propelled this movie to instant classic. Maybe i should of been the director LOL

My initial thought was that Joker was going to add the Suicide Squad to his army and be a main component in the Justice League movie. Like talking about bad ass!

That would've been amazing. 

But after seeing the movie... Oh buddy. The slam dunk potential it had, turned out to be blocked (by its own Missfires) harder than Lebron blocking Steph Curry in the NBA finals.


how saddening.

Dear DC:

You've brought out the greatest Batman villain (The Joker) to headline a movie featuring other deadly and demonic villains and you mean to tell me Joker wasn't even the headliner, at all?
 Nor was he much of a villain in this movie?
so please tell me was this a love story, or a friendship story?
And where was the backhanded villain(ry), *one of jokers best elements* that most villains have with each other.
Villains that align with other villains for some reason always turned to be like a match of King Of The Hill in Halo... Nobody is safe.
But really, DC how did you fuck this one up?
You had it! 

The Plot: A group of bad guys were put together to save the world, but there's a catch. A maniacal Joker is on the loose, who has nothing to do with the story. Then, they show Flash in action again, but no other Justice League characters. They also had nothing to do with the story. They also threw some Batman in there for two scenes. Gave Enchantress a role as the main villain, which added nothing to the story. They had Diablo walking around the set of the movie like an extra for over an hour and a half. Who later because the story's martyr.

The story overall wasn't good. Nothing was properly explained. Since this takes place after Batman VS Superman, right? So where are all the characters that were already brought into the DC Universe, while all this havoc was happening. You mean to tell me that Batman had time to deal with Harley and Dead shot and put them in prison, but he didn't hear of Enchantress' destruction on the city. Better yet, he was okay with Amanda Waller's use of the criminals to combat against Enchantress. 

We are talking about BATMAN.

The hero who is always one step ahead, the no sense no joke batman!

 Batman's arch nemesis (The Joker) whom may have played a part in killing robin is running lose on the same city that enchantress is destroying, the same city the suicide squad is running amok in and BATMAN didn't take notice...?

Hmm this batman fucking sucks then.

These are large holes in the story. How does this story make sense on the grand scale of things.

This Joker wasn't a good Joker at all. And if he was, they must of taken out the better scenes. From what was shown i'm not impressed.

Maybe I'm overreacting but when you have a shared universe, certain things have to bridge. One thing effects another. Its a domino effect. This movie did nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to aid the DC Comic Universe in any way. That's my issue with it. It didn't help BVS or Man of Steel, and it didn't add to WW or JLA. So what was the purpose of having it? In my opinion, they ruined a great opportunity.

Since I'm still feeling buyer's remorse, let's dissect the cast and lay waste to the hype train for good. Here we go!

Killer Croc

Killer Croc, one of the deadliest of the bunch, he wasn't menacing at all. He was quite timid actually. Oh, and that BET've got to be fucking kidding me. Out of all the things he requested, for a man who lives in the sewer and eats people, he finds comfort above ground watching BET? GTFOH! 
That shit was appalling. He was clearly the token black guy. Dick head move DC. You've wasted a good enemy. 
His skin makeup and body structure was worse than Thing in the original Fantastic Four.

Notable Scene: He says, I wanna watch BET.
And calls himself beautiful. Yeah...ironic?

Indian Villain Man/Slipknot


Notable scene: Punched a lady, then got killed a few scenes later. Before any action started. What a fucking waste.


Rick Flag

Wasn't a cool character, especially not as a lead. He was a subpar G.I. JOE type of character, minus the cool persona. He dated Enchantress for a short duration, before she went and lost her damn mind.

Notable scene: He almost got kidnapped numerous times. He's not that good of a solider due to that fact lol.




Never heard of him prior, but he walked around the movie with a "vatos" gang looking jacket. At the end, he decided to tell his little life story and attempted to be heroic. Had a cool little outro, if you will.
End result: Definitely dead.



A witch from 6153 years ago.  Whose alter ego dated Rick Flag and was the main villain ...

End result: Super Dead.


The Joker

His mission: Get Harley Quinn out of jail.
He just kind of showed up. No real back story. He has a history with Harley.
He was a part of a love story, in which he never knew really existed. Also, he was pretty dry as The Joker. He never properly developed. He's the coolest Joker, based on his visual aesthetic.

No-So-Fun fact:
He didn't acknowledge Deadshot, Killer Croc, Rick Flagg, the Swordsman Lady, or any of the others back up "dancers" from Suicide Squad. Just Harley.

Character interaction makes movies just as much fun as the features and content/acting.

which is why he should of had a stand alone movie IMO.

End result: Alive.


Dead Shot

Tussled with Batman. Will Smith did the best he could with the role. I really wanted to see his chemistry with the Joker, but it never happened. 

End result: Alive, after all he's Will Smith.


Harley Quinn                                                                                                                                  

She was a good Harley Quinn! Her chemistry with Dead Shot was really good, but the movie had no great moments.

End result: Alive as well.



Also alive.

David Ayer (The Director)

Hi, i'm David Ayer and I have an idea guys.
Let's all chase Rick Flag's girlfriend around, while Harley chases Mr. J, while Dead Shot inspires all to work together, while Diablo goes from fearing his powers, to realizing he's the world's last hope. Also, while Boomerang almost gets killed in every scene.

Tid bits and other shit:

The Flash appeared, and I was surprised that was really kept under the wraps. I thought that was cool but other than that, the script was all over the place. Nothing of importance happened.

To sum it up, the movie flat out blows major ****.
It made no sense. It doesn't tie into anything, nor does it set the stage for anything else. It was hapless moments for an overly praised cast with characters, who got paid to walk around aimlessly through out most of the movie (see Diablo). 

PS: Hey DC, if you're looking for leads to walk around, i'm all yours baby.

And for David Ayer, who said "Fuck Marvel" over this past weekend, guess what David Ayers:

Take These L's

The Verdict Is Real

Suicide Squad needs to 86 itself. 
It clearly was a dud. 
No more Avengers comparisons

 Thank you and Good night!
Marvel all summer 16.

Hey JC.... 
Marvel all day, ya bish.

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