The Frustrated Scientist


I did this. I tried that. I’m scared to do this. Should I try? I shouldn’t. I’m not making any progress. It doesn’t make sense. How can I reach my goal without changing who I am? It’s not possible Champ.

You can hem and haw, whine and cry, but you’ll stay on your current level. Life isn’t concerned about your feelings. Experimentation and change allows you to graduate to the next level.

After awhile, your tried and true methods of problem solving won’t work. Life forces you to use different strategies to reach success. I don’t know why life operates in this way. As they say, it is what it is.


I don’t know how long it’ll take you to solve your problem. It varies according to the person and situation. If you're resistan to changing your methods, then it’ll take an even longer time for you to succeed or you’ll just give up.

You can’t out-stubborn life. It’s resistance can and will destroy you if you refuse to humble yourself and use new methods to solve your problems. Life doesn’t back down. Your gym routine and temper tantrums won’t scare it.


God gives us the power to endure and defeat life’s difficulties. We have to trust the power he imbedded in us. Not all of us use it. We think we’re weak. We’re too comfortable with our situation.

Why give up a good thing if everything is working out? Because you’ll get bored and your spirit yearns for challenges. God can’t force you to listen. He knows the next level is greater than the one you’re currently on.


That’s why he wants you to trust him and use formulas to arrive in this new environment of opportunity. What if your wife is waiting for you on the next level? maybe your business partner? a billion dollar deal?

And the only way you can attract and maintain it is through change. Change doesn’t have too many suitors because of the effort it requires. It’s possible that you’ll have to overhaul your entire life to acquire certain rewards.


And then, there’s a stage in the process where you have to depend solely on God to move things and people for you to succeed. I know he gave you powers to manifest your dreams and desires, but, he wants to show you his power.

He loves you and wants you to have faith in him. Just think, if we had the same powers as God, then we wouldn’t need him.


My example: I remember when I was living Uptown. I had a room. My rent was due at the end of the week. I had to sell clothes and gadgets on the streets during the week to make money.

That Friday, I spent all day and night trying to make sales. I sold some items, but I was $2 or $3 short. In order to make the rent, I had to sell a metro card holder. I went to different stores, but, no one would budge.

My last stop was a bodega. I had to put all my energy into making the sale. I couldn’t give up. The counter person told me no, but, I kept trying to persuade him. It didn’t look good. I wouldn’t give up. I kept selling him on the idea. He finally relented. I didn’t give up and God opened the door to my prayers.


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