What to Drink Right Now: Fireworks and Sparkling Wines!

What to Drink Right Now: Fireworks and Sparkling Wines!

It’s that time of year again when many of the local parks will treat residents to free summer
fireworks shows. Fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate the late spring and the summer. And the best type of wine for celebrating sparkles just like fireworks.

There was a time, here in the US, that sparkling wine was reserved just for special occasions. And,
with the prices charged for Champagne, saving those wines for only the extraordinary times, was
understandable. But sparkling wines aren’t limited to just Champagne. In fact, local wine stores are overflowing with sparkling choices from all over the world. And with all the wonderful, and wonderfully affordable, sparkling wines there is no need to wait for a special occasion to open the bubbly anymore.

Here are some of my recent favorites. Save the orange juice for another time.

Martini and Rossi Prosecco. At around $10, this Italian bubbly is fresh and light with lovely notes of peach and nice soft fruity flavors.


Prosper Maufoux Cremant de Bourgogne. Both the brut and the rose retail at around $20 and are
perfect summer sparklers.


A to Z Wineworks Bubbles Sparkling Rose 2016. At just around $15 this is a young, flirty, fresh and
fun sparkler from Oregon.

A to Z Sparkling Wine.jpg

Santa Margherita Valdobbiadene Prosecco. At, or even under $20, it’s a steal. Oaky, nutty, creamy,
lemony and delicious. It has a soft, round mouthfeel.

Ruffino Rose Sparkling Wine. I’ve written about this wine before but having tasted it again with my family, at the recent Brooklyn Crush wine event, it most definitely is worth mentioning again. We all loved it. This is a fun, pretty, pink bubbly from Italy. It is absolutely scrumptious with plenty of juicy red fruit. Great structure. Fresh and somewhat dry, with luscious vibrant flavors. A perfect, pink sparkler, and a crowd pleaser coming in at just around $12.


So, pack the sparkling wine when you set out for that fireworks show. And if the show gets rained
out? At least you know these sparklers taste just as good inside.

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