Operation: Save The Cleveland Browns

Operation: Save The Cleveland Browns

By now I'm sure everyone knows the Cleveland Browns suck. They are so terrible, other NFL teams view them as an "additional BYE Week" during the in season exhibition matches. I mean, come on that's pretty bad. The Browns haven't won a playoff game since the 1994 AFC Wildcard Playoffs and haven't appeared in the Playoffs since 2002. I was five years old in 1994 and 13 in 2002, respectively.  The Goal is pretty straight forward, how do we get the Browns become a respectable NFL team who play on a consistent level?


Step 1: Honest Effort.

First off they have stop tanking. They have to actually put their efforts into being competitive instead of trading all their "hard earned" draft picks for heroes of the past. This franchise like to do what the New York Knicks like to do, make bad trades and lose constantly. Its pitiful.


Unless they're really losing...





Step 2: Develop The Team.

Brown's fan feel they are a quarter back away from a great success but truthfully its so much more to football than just a quarter back. Get the engine running and the driver will get in his seat shortly.

Get the team moving as a team and once your QB arrives you will be golden.



Step 3: Become The Bad Ass Browns

The Cleveland Brown defense seems to be getting better in some areas and worse in others.  Picking Myles Garrett in the draft was a smart move for the Browns. But Coach Hue Jackson has to cultivate the Team's success a little better than he did last year.


-Jamie Collins

-Myles Garrett

-Danny Shelton

-Joe Haden

-Jabrill Peppers


You have a little "something" to work with use these guys to support your team and bridge the gap to achieve a very special defensive unit.



Step 4: Cut The Cancers At The Root.

Cut the baggage! That means Josh Gordon has to go.

He is a cancer from the past and to get your point across someone's head has to roll. Unfortunately the uber talented yet very confused Receiver has to go. End that saga now. The Browns have better offensive options now, make use of them.

- Kenny Britt

- Corey Coleman

-Isaiah Crowell (has been pretty stellar).


Point of attack: utilize the tight ends better.

Gary Barnidge should of been retained, personally. That position needs help, GB wasn't the problem, the Offensive Line and Quarterbacks were.

But working with who we have, you can really do some damage with the offensive options between Britt and Coleman.


Step 5: Planning and Execution.

The coaching.

(Do I really have to explain?)

Put the right players in the right positions to succeed. The playbook needs to be upgraded and reinvented. With Kizer and Osweiler on the roster its time to utilize some plays that will strength their skillsets. We need more Play Action!


I can see big changes on the horizon for the Browns if the show up and show out.


If the Cleveland browns okay their cards right, I believe their 2017 record will be 6 and 10 by seasons end. Worst case scenario, 0 and 16 if they fall to typical habits.

Let's see if the browns pump it up a notch in 2017.

I believe in the browns, more than the Jets atleast. 

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